One of the downsides to #buildinpublic is when you have a secret project with NDAs that is still part of your core competencies but you can’t talk about until it’s done.
🔥Just hit 20% of our first MRR goal for @RoomSteals! Took a while, but we’re here.

@RoomSteals MRR is up 50% YoY, which is fantastic considering we’re a travel company and the global pandemic and all.

I’d love to grow faster, though.

Who has an audience and wants to partner?

The past few months I’ve loved being invited on podcasts like @vacationmavens, @travelgoalspod, and @FamVestor and others.

Check them all out!

They’ve been fantastic for @RoomSteals too.

Between the 3 mentioned, we gained 18 new members! 🙏 Thank you!

If this doesn’t fit the #BuildInPublic ethos, I don’t know what does. Hah.
I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but I just destroyed about 100 records in our production email system and I’m a CTO.

We all make mistakes. Today, it’s me.

Give grace to others.

Give grace to yourself.

#impostersyndrome #buildinpublic #development
Paris isn’t necessary for this model to work, but I would highly recommend croissants. 😜


Wa supposed to work on lots of stuff today. Instead felt like poop and stayed in bed and watched a bunch of YouTube.

Meh. I hate not feeling well.

#buildinpublic (or not). Comes with both ups and downs.
Day in the life of #buildinpublic

Finished all the marketing pages. On to the internal member pages.

Racing against the podcast episode release date. 😅

I’m still so excited about this design!
Another couple pages finished after getting some great feedback (Big 🙏 to those who helped. You know who you are!).

Phew. I’m beat.

Next up, interior pages and portal.

😅 Marathon redesign evening.

2 more pages mostly done. 2 more marketing pages to do. After that it’s on to the internal logged in screens.

Trying to get done before the podcast episodes get released. Wish me luck.

Nothing like being almost done with a complete redesign to end up hating it and starting over.

My “ship it”-self is hating my “that design sucks on so many levels”-self.

It’s not often these two tangle. Gonna sleep on it.

This week in @roomsteals #buildinpublic

✅ Finished content for redesign
✅ Started testing/tweaking redesign for release
✅ On 3 podcasts. Pub dates incoming!
✅ Added programmatic SEO pages
👎 Lots of churn (COVID caught up to us)
👍 Lots of new members (👋)
#buildinpublic Log Stardate WTF.Date.Is.It?

- redesign being done by team
- travel still sucks (cause you know, deathly virus, so it’s ok)
- refactoring newCo took backseat to fam time (cause you know, priorities, so it’s ok)

Still low revenue. Still struggling on.
Remodeling NewBiz’s code to automate it and turn it into a high performance engine.

✅ Redis queues for performance
✅ Scraping multiple sites to aggregate
🔳 Automated filtering and messaging
🔳 Automated keyword generation
🔳 Flip to v2
🔳 Hire Cust Serv Rep

Been struggling with my #buildinpublic posts.

1. Not threaded. Hard to take the time to go find the thread.

2. Time is scarce. The upcoming vlog will explain.

3. In the middle of redesign. Not a lot to update on. Seems slow but really isn’t.
Haven't done a #buildinpublic post in a bit. So, today...

1. Got contractor running/writing SOP of new biz
2. Roadmapped next 3 phases in @todoist boards
3. Prioritized phase tasks on (a) automation (b) critical path/risk (3) funnel and % rates
4. Relaxed and played with kids
This week in #buildinpublic @roomsteals ep {WhatDayIsIt?}

- recvd redesign assets
- set team design integration owners
- set 2021 strategy (marketing & partnering)
- doc’d cust journey/funnel
- set North Star Metric and KDs
- set plan for dashboard to show NSM & KDs

Phew! 😅
This is how you do #buildinpublic right?! 😉
I ♥️ using my own product, scratching my own itch with @roomsteals!

I just saved $160 💵 by booking my hotel through my own service instead of Booking, Expedia, Hotels, or any other site. 🎉
Another ep of #buildinpublic:

We’ve done a few customer interviews. Also finishing a new feature (more sources of cheap hotel rates (not cheap hotels)).

Also very focused today on following up with / reaching out to community builders.

Last, gonna raise prices soon. 💣
In ep 1 of #buildinpublic, we migrated Active Campaign to

In ep 2, we’ll finish API & Chrome Extension v2 and start interviewing our customers!

So if you signed up for @RoomSteals at any point, be prepared. :)

Exciting times!…