Started building a directory of hiking trail guides (individuals, not companies) today.

✅ Domain and email
✅ Newsletter ESP
✅ Hosting
✅ Design
✅ Static site UI kit
✅ Logo and colors

Finishing content & following this guide next :…
I'm building something again! 🔥

Maybe #buildinpublic, but you tell me if I should based on the product...

For freelancers & consultants:
- fixes feast/famine ‼️
- helps create a new rev stream (intros/referrals) 💵
- does the boring stuff, you don't have to (chasing $) 💤
@rrmdp Yep. Great question. Might #buildwithcustomers here. (I’m trying to hijack #buildinpublic on the fly… haha)

Ask them if it’s something they NEED. And if they do, what’s the job they’re really hiring this Resume Builder to do? Is it just to sit there and look pretty? Or maybe..
@steve_tronix Totally!

Maybe we should change this from #buildinpublic (which has certain connotations) to #buildwithcustomers 😁
@steve_tronix I wholeheartedly disagree with this.

The fastest way to get better at marketing is to talk to your customers. #buildinpublic twitter may not be your customers. Don't get distracted.
Building some automation and I need some help from #indiehackers and #buildinpublic folk...

What AI writing tool would best rewrite audio transcript into a blog post, linkedin post, and tweet?

Hit me with some suggestions please!?
✅ Watch the first snow fall
✅ Procrastinate most of the day
✅ Consult a startup
✅ Drink beer
✅ Add loads of affiliate links to email campaigns
#buildinpublic tweet

Damn, it feels good to be an #indiehacker gangsta
Told my wife about a service I’m thinking of offering - something I’m really good at and love doing.

With this one I’m afraid of self-sabotage (atypical).

She said it’s confirmation I should do it.

I ❤️ her!

#buildinpublic #grateful #impostersyndrome
✅ Avatar template
🔳 Troll potential clients

Getting close! #buildinpublic
Scratching my own itch with this next micro SaaS.

PMF experiments and customer dev first though. No coding of the product allowed.


✅ Marketing site
✅ Email capture
✅ Welcome email w/1 biz killing question
🔳 Avatar template
🔳 Troll potential clients
Try something.
Stand back up and try again.

Today was video editing day. Next ep is going to be a long one, but I think good, about packing up the house for the last time and starting our life in the RV.


Spend time on crafting copy that helps them get where they want to be and are personal, even if it’s business.

Talk about where and who they could be and how they could get there.

That’s a 2400% (2.4x) gain learning right there.

32% open rate in first 18 hours (on a Friday morning).

I’d say that’s not bad for a first attempt with a small sample size.

4.6% click through rate also. Also not too shabby.

And yes, we are going to send on the weekends too. Gotta try everything right now. #buildinpublic
SEO service project update:

First batch of 30 emails sent. It's an MVP, so let's see how this goes...

While marketing, I'm also working on building more value for prospects in the meantime.

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #marketinpublic #marketinginpublic
Been focused.

Launching 3 new projects soon (each with zero focus on Twitter as the channel) on a wide variety of industries: SEO, APIs, and food.

Goal: take more swings

More to come…
Finished some tweaks on UI and sped up and linked to some pages starting with

Also supports co-branding for partnerships/referrals.

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
That time when you reply snark for snark and then feel bad about it.

That’s me today. A jackass.

Entrepreneurship (and life) is not all roses. In fact, the past week or two has sucked to be honest.

#buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
We’ve (@roomsteals) been working to show better comparison rates.

Got ‘em. But this stuff is hard.

Doesn’t yet work 100% but when it does it’s gold. Telling you where to get cheaper rates, even giving you a link to them.

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #saas
I took my own advice and changed @roomsteals email sequence tonight.

Added in a question after the welcome email to help learn more about some hypotheses we have.

Side note: took 5 min to do. I expect to learn.

I love being an #indiehacker

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
1. Start with a landing page. A screenshot of what you think it'll look like when you're done, and what you think people will care about. Add a headline and sub-head that point out the pain they have, how they'll feel when it's solved, and how you'll solve it.