Using the techniques from @fortelabs BASB to create the summary of the book.

Progressive Summarizationbold, highlight, executive summary

Hemingway Bridgeat the end of a working session, write where you left off

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@fortelabs Trying out the Progressive Summarization technique from BASB.

First thing I'm noticingI need to take fewer highlights. Going back and bolding them is taking a long time.

#learninpublic #buildinpublic
Trying a new experiment where I create visual summaries of great non-fiction.

Currently summarizing Building a Second Brain by @fortelabs.

I'll document my progress here.

#buildinpublic #learninpublic
Trying out some ideas for styling tags in @thunknotes.

Don't accept sloppy design in your notes app. Details matter.

Just pushed a new release to @thunknotes.

This one includes foldable lists and a new focus mode.

Unpopular opinion:

#buildinpublic has more people talking about building in public than actually building in public.