#NFT as a way to bootstrap SaaS? Let's see. I've been working on it as a side project. The page is ready The contract is ready but not deployed yet. Discord is up and running. More details coming soon. #buildinpublic #saas #NFTCommunity
I'm planning to build a Slack community for BetterFeedback to be closer to early adopters and here is what I observe. While Facebook seems to be more for families and friends, most businesses are on Slack. Discord seems to be more for other communities. WDYT? #buildinpublic #saas
Comparing to the competition -just don't. You won't have the features that they have when you start. Just know what they do in general but don't be obsessed about it. It can hurt your business and change the direction, move you from reaching the goals you set.#SaaS #buildinpublic
I'm thinking of moving all my domains to @Cloudflare Registrar because:
1. It's cheaper.
2. I use it anyway.
3. Great services.

#buildinpublic #saas
Wow, my post is in the top stories at @IndieHackers 😲 3000 page views and over 40 new followers on Twitter in just 30h. I guess it's called IndieHackers effect #indiehackers #buildinpublic #saas
2 days spent looking for the right solution and no luck. 30 minutes of brainstorming with a teammate and 1h later problem solved. #buildinpublic #SaaS