@ayushtweetshere 💻 Love the idea of #buildinpublic! I think it's crucial for indiehackers like us to show our progress and connect with the community. remember to be authentic and transparent - no need to fake it till you make it! 🤝
Do you want to be an indie hacker or an independent builder? 😂

I have a huge respect for all the founders who work a full-time job and build their start-up in their free time.

I am proud to announce that we have already doubled our MRR in June comparing to the previous month.

Sometimes everything works against you. I can not think of any reason that my account was suspended.

@QuentinQuo It's just the most obvious pick.
You #buildinpublic right in front of your potential audience.
We have the chance to win a grant for BrandFort, which would really help us! Can you please vote for BrandFort?

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
We have tried Reddit Ads for BrandFort, so that you don't have to. That's the post of our Ad:……

[Expand the🧵for all details]

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I am wondering. Did i solve a problem not worth solving?
How often are your posts in Facebook Groups deleted with the argument that you promote your business? #BuildinPublic #indiehackers
#Indiehackers - what did you achieve this week? Are you happy with the progress for this week?

My direct competition has thousands of backlinks, but most look like from a link farm. How can i outrank them? #seo #buildinpublic
Just published a new blog article on the blog of BrandFort. @ShaunEls would be proud of me 😂

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
There are dozens of Social Media scheduling tools. There is not even a handful of Social Media Safety Tools.

Can you guess where we built it?

#socialmediatools #SocialMediaManagement #buildinpublic
Working on a fantastic blog article for BrandFort. A comparison between BrandFort and its competition.

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How are you kicking your day off?
I just got a coffee before starting to work on BrandFort. #buildinpublic #socialmediamanager #SocialMedia #SocialMediaManagement #indiehackers