The new version of Watchletic/Lubba (the update with the name change) has been "In Review" on App Store for 72 HOURS now!

It usually takes about 1 hour once it reaches "In Review" status.

So frustrating, and I have a bug that people are reporting too.

Working on being able to import .FIT files into Watchletic. Those are binary files generated by Garmin and a lot of other services for structured workouts.

Fun working with binary files but a bit tricky!

Will allow Watchletic to import from even more services.

Up to 30 paying subscribers now for Watchletic/Lubba!

The trend of 1 new a day keeps going.

So glad people are finding value with it.

The final name I came up with for my running/cycling/athlete Apple Watch app is... Watchletic!

No more Lubba.😢

Name change on App Store has been stuck "In Review" for 27 hours now though. Any day now...

Just bought a Polar H10, a heart rate monitor chest strap.

Purely to try for my app of course, nothing else, tax people 😏

Looking forward to try to see if it works on Apple Watch!

Had to file an issue report for the FIT file parser lib I used for Lubba.

Some fields not working as expected, but now are.

It helps me and it helps others. Win-win!

Lubba now includes cycling, cross-country skiing and .fit file workout imports!

New version out today.

I already have a lot of functionality for runners with my Apple Watch app Lubba.

But I'm currently getting into supporting cyclists as well. Runners and cyclists both like their gadgets, and enjoys more advanced features.

Branching out.

Thinking of doing marketing.

I'm wondering if that is enough.

23 subscribers for Lubba Premium now!

Averages about 1 subscriber a day currently.

Very exciting, and so happy people are finding value with the app!

Just got contacted by Royal Dutch Cycling Union about using Lubba for cycling.

You can bet your ass that supporting cycling is now 100% my focus for Lubba. 🚴

Will extend coding week to 2 weeks in a row!

Just released a new version, Lubba can now handle all @TrainingPeaks run workouts when importing!

Lubba now includes RPE and FTP imports for @TrainingPeaks runs!

And a bunch new features in the latest version, 1.5.0.
I'm going to try Apple Search Ads again but maybe focus even more on the niche that I'm currently targeting, which is TrainingPeaks runners with an Apple Watch.

The inevitable post-Christmas drop in App Store sales. Oh well. 📉

Current plan with @LubbaApp is to be the best TrainingPeaks companion app there is. That means supporting RPE+FTP for running, supporting all possible bike training modes, etc.

I think there's a nice niche there that I want to help!

7 subscribers to Lubba Premium currently. Love this trend. Slowly but surely.

I made about $2,000 on Dec 25th from my Apple Watch games alone!

Christmas is CRAZY for Apple Watch apps! Especially if you're lucky like me and happened to appear on some top lists.

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