Energy management is more crucial than time management.

Far harder too.

Yesterday I didn't feel like writing.

"Suck it up, lazy kiddo" I told to myself.

Drafting took much longer than usual. The result isn't exiting.

Listen to your body.

Here's a kick in the pants to the impostor syndrome.

I thought my growth on Medium wasn't great in August.
I published a report and I got the comment below.

#buildinpublic is an amazing personal growth tool!

My first Medium article with 1000 claps!

Personal development has been the best topic for me.
What's yours?

A message from the Better Marketing editor.
Guess who's the author of the article?

#bragginginpublic 😉
My recent story on Medium has been curated...
in a category not specified within the tags and the text!

Didn't think it could happen.

Writing short posts (within 150 words) is a muscle.

After about 10 of them, I nailed the exact length saying everything I wanted.

After a wonderful month of July, my @medium stats look depressing 😭

I almost stopped publishing for a week, I think that's the reason.

But I have a plan! 😉
Stay tuned.

Content batching keeps creators sane.
I use it in my business.

But there's a balancing pleasure in creating content every day.

So for my @Medium experiment, I'm not batching.

🤞 let's see in a month or so!

It won't move the needle, but this email showered me with excitement!

The joys of writing on @Medium
After 5 months on Medium publishing about 2 articles per month, here are my stats.

Tiny tiny numbers. But satisfying!

My first article on medium galvanized me.

Today I wrote three outlines in 40 minutes for my next articles.

Topics: journaling, skill acquisition, killing distractions.

My hands hitch: I want to write them as soon as possible! 😅

I made my first dollar Medium!
From an article published just 4 days ago.

Next: The silver bullet guide to become rich on Medium.😅

So, a community member just gave me the best Christmas gift:
He dreamt of meeting me and the other community members.

May be a little scary 😅

But it's beyond flattering!

I want to build an audience in English (not my native language).
I want to develop my habit coaching practice (

I'll try guest posting, starting on Medium. Through the Partner Program, I can also earn something in the process.

I feel like a baby taking his first steps.

It happens every time I start a new project or posting on a new platform.

It's exciting AND frustrating.

But having done it several times, I know the upside.

Just hold tight and celebrate the small wins!

I need more time to explore:
- to keep building my business
- to test chat coaching on @coachdotme
- to not miss the web3 boat

Without time blocking it's only wishful thinking.

I hope this colorful schedule will help. Let's see.

Focusing on the wrong thing is like accelerating in the wrong lane.

I've spent too long on the wrong things. At 39, I feel I'm just starting to realize my true strengths.

I'm going to scatter my time in the next week and explore.

I'll #buildinpublic. Stay tuned!
Many posts about #buildinpublic best practices tell nothing new.

This one is comprehensive and original: