Use an Airdrop to fund your #Solana Wallet for Testing:

- Connect to Solana Network
- Ask for the Airdrop
- Wait for the confirmation
- Update balance in Dashboard…

First steps doing with @expo and #ReactNative a Cross-Platform component to render a grid:

- 4 columns on Desktop 💻
- 2 columns on Mobile: Web & Native 📱
- Wrap in ScrollView if Native 👆

GM with the best views! 🏝️

Today I'll be writing a new guide about How to Build a Faucet for #Solana

- Connect Wallet with .@phantom or .@solflare_wallet browser extensions
- Request an Airdrop

... and get dev tokens to play with the Network! 🤑

#web3 #buildinpublic
Done this week #buildinpublic

🙇‍♂️ Finished Setup for 2 #web3 projects
🙈 Invested in a Meme & tried a Liquidity Pool
1️⃣ Voted in .@developer_dao
📺 Watch NextJS & React Advanced videos
💰 Received first payment for writing a post
💉 Received first AZ shot

🧵 (for details)
@yagudaev 🙋‍♂️ I'm interested too.

Btw, I started to build my own collection of components using Tailwind because I need these 👇

- React Native for Web & Mobile
- Production ready components for Finance & Crypto Apps

I plan to do it #buildinpublic and will be Open Source
Happy Friday from 🏝️

This weekend I'll be working in something new for #SolanaIgnition based on my Wallet.

- Your own Bank
- Wallet
- Tracking incomes and expenses

➕ A collection of Cross-Platform components for Finance/Crypto apps based in Tailwind.

#Solana #buildinpublic
I have a few finance/crypto apps and I always have the same problem to find Cross-Platform components so...

Why don't build my own collection of components that I can reuse?

I started to prototype it with:

- .@expo
- React Native
- TypeScript
- Tailwind

📢 New Post & Update on my Open Source Cross-Platform Solana Wallet App

- Create an SPL Token
- Integrate in Wallet App…

#buildinpublic #Web3 #Solana #expo #ReactNative
🙇‍♂️ New Post coming this week:

Create SPL Tokens and integration to list Tokens associated to an account from the Wallet App I'm building.

#buildinpublic #Web3 #Solana

Aolso, code for the new feature coming soon to 👇…
Happy Monday! 🏝️

Less than one month #buildinpublic and posting about #Web3 and #Solana and

- Doubled TT followers
- Received DMs with job offers
- Helped devs and received positive feedback
- New public GH repo with 30 ⭐

Lot of possibilities! 🚀…
📣 New Blog Post & Updated Github Repo

Building in Public an Open Source Solana Wallet Cross-Platform App 👇

How to implement Derivation Path and Generate Multiple Accounts from the same Seed…

#buildinpublic #Solana #SolanaSummer
🔥 New update 🔥

Different accounts: Paychecks, Donations... from same Seed with Derivation Paths

In a few hours I'll post full explanation, problems I found and how I solved them 💪

#buildinpublic #web3 #SolanaSummer #solana #reactnative #expo

Today I updated my Twitter profile and created a new section on my blog.

The following days I'll start posting about My Journey Building a Cross-Platform #solana Wallet App

Still a lot of work to do 💪…

#buildinpublic #buidl
@andrewbaisden True! It's addictive to see what's happening in #buildinpublic or #indiehackers

So many great people building amazing products and push me every day so to more 🚀
💪 Done this week:

💻 Published Landing for
📱 Audio Pill is available on Google Play
💊 Started Deep refactoring of API
⌨️ Published new post on my personal blog about my last move


(details 👇)
@SankethYS Hi 👋

I'm Jose and I just published my App on Google Play 📱

Stop visiting every day the same websites to read the news.

Listen them 🎧

@UbahTheBuilder React, React Native, Ruby/Rails 💎 #buildinpublic #SaaS, marketing... 😅
@AprilynneA @SankethYS Hey! I just started to #buildinpublic and I met a lot of inspiring people here 🚀

Me 👉 React/Rails dev building 💊

A service to learn every day something new listening short audio pills.

Thanks for this thread, found really interesting people! 🙏
The typical day that you are sit in a coffee shop planning the week and think that need a new app to organize your work days better.

Go to PlayStore? Nop! Do @expo init, ask for another coffee and 2 hours later have the app running on the phone📱