Conducting another user interview validating our thesis of problems in onboarding of new employees.
Ends the interview by him requesting another meeting to demo @yolkdotso for him and other interested managers in his co.

What a nice way to end the day #buildinpublic
@yolkdotso now got 3 slideovers, and even if I hate every time @martinballe makes a tini tiny UI tweak, I have to admit, it does look quite snazzy with the slight adjustments to align all the slideovers across the app 🀀
Initials as default avatar seems a bit boring and dull.. Thinking of spicing up @yolkdotso with some emoji based ones with a solid background color.. Just to add a splash of color and a touch of life πŸ€”

What are #buildinpublic #indiemakers using for website / cms / blog these days? @wordpressdotcom @framer @webflow @statamic something else entirely?
What makes a good landing page?
Clear value prop, benefits, screenshots / ui, etc? Obvsly a good mix, but at which ratio?
More than one ui screen any good? Is a pricing page required or can it wait for way later?

Whats your take? #buildinpublic
Just shipped a revamped UI for insights on
So much cleaner and more eye pleasing than the first iteration, but thats the point in iterating.. still learning to ship smaller increments rather than big bangs thoπŸ˜…
To show answer distribution (from all users) or not to show answer distribution when viewing survey results for a specific user, that is the question πŸ€”

How much time and energy do you #indiehackers and #buildinpublic folks spend on #SEO efforts vs SoMe presence πŸ€”?
First iteration of 'time spent' shipped.
Next up should probably be a redesign that caters more to the new data, rather than just slapping the new data in the existing design just to show it πŸ™ˆ
After using way too much math, I finally managed to get my list of seconds into neat little buckets of timespans. strangely satisfying #buildinpublic
After spending way too much time dealing with edge cases and browser permissions for recordings on @yolkdotso yesterday, its nice with something simpler today; track on-page reading time.

Now I just need to figure out how to reliably store it if the tab is closed #buildinpublic
@that_igor_ @mmntm_build @mmntm_build looks super interesting. I'd like to #buildinpublic but I'm so bad at tweeting πŸ™ˆ

Maybe Feed could help me get started and stay consistent πŸ‘€