Found an amazing API for the apps backend which I’m going to rework so that we can pull and store data in our app.

Dropped npm for yarn because I got tired of the npm issues.

Setup react-stacks and authentication

I’m a bit annoyed lol, I spent almost 2 hours researching and trying to solve a dependency error with react-navigation and my expo build.

Overall progress was slowed because of bug fixing.
βœ… Finished low-fidelity screens.
βœ… Created authentication flow
βœ… Built navigation routes

Had some issues with react-navigation-stack not installing into my app, which took a while to debug.

Because of this, I think it’s time I really create a release calendar for myself. I want to spend time building the foundation around my projects.

The goal here is to document my journey and use #BuildInPublic to keep me focused.
Today I worked on the dashboard for my next micro-saas.

Used @nhost for my auth, file uploads, and DB. Spent some time tweaking these to our use case and then working on UI.

Next is the KYC flow, APIs and adding a secondary database.
I’m finishing up this micro-service then I’m starting a project that I’m going to document from start to finish. My first #BuildInPublic πŸŽ‰