The advantage of being a #digitalnomad № 95999 👇👇👇

Each country is a new set of different applications and services. The more you travel, the faster you develop your product awareness

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Important questions for my audience:

1. What tools do you use to automate tweets?
2. What features do you find most useful and what are you missing?

I want to automate retweets but can't find a handy tool to do so...

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Saturday is the best time to share some interesting tweets from the past week

Here are some of mine:

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If you as a PM lock all communication into oneself, you are a snowflake-man

In this case, you have no time for your tasks and the team becomes dependent on you

Don't be a snowflake-man

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At the beginning of this year, I finished the @gopracticeio course and that was an incredible experience!

Highly recommend this course, especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money on @reforge

Btw, can anyone recommend any interesting PM-related courses?

Yeee, earned my first achievement 🏆

100 followers in 24 days
500 followers in ???

I hope it gets faster😅

Thank you all!
I will try to share only quality and useful content👊

I'm currently looking for a #productmanager position

But it turned out that there are too many job search sites 🔎

So I decided to compile my top one👇

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Seems @midjourney is main competitor of @OpenAI DALL-E net

Who is better you think?

Some generated samples in 🧵

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That seems like a good sign🙂

I will continue to share interesting information and my experiences about #productmanagement and much more

Stay tuned @mike_krupin

It's been 5 days since I started #buildinpublic and what I learned:

People motivate you to learn new things all the time🥳

They tell you straight up:
- Read @Medium
- Support projects and look for ideas on @ProductHunt
- Read @IndieHackers

Thanks all, guys!
Sometimes look at different segments of your product's audience

Each of them has different wants and needs

Better to start with the basics:
- Country
- Device type / OS / browser
- Device memory (if mobile)
- Device lang

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@hieuSSR Plan if you have just an idea :

1. Research the market and the similar solutions
2. Talk with potential customers and define their pains
3. Choose the most promising segment for yourself
4. Test hypothesis in the easiest way
5. Create an MVP

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3 musts which PM should considered

- How to build a product
- How to tell about a product
- How to make a product profitable

3 books that help develop these skills

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@marc_louvion You and others have motivated me to start thinking about my own product

Every time, when I read threads and tweets, I think: "Wow, fantastic people, I want to become a part of this community"

Everyone who #buildinpublic is great people
Everyone wants to help on Twitter and I'm no exception👊

Sharing #productmanagement experience, useful tips & resources, support other users & projects....

How can I do more for this community? What you do for this?

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The Dunnin-Kruger Effect also applies to startups:

- Blind belief in the necessity of the product
- Working with hypotheses and fall into the valley of despair
- Try to find PMF and reach a plateau of stability

What do you think? Sound like a truth?

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That’s why I started to #buildinpublic!
Why everyone should #buildinpublic?

- Connect people with the product
- You provide value before ever the product comes out.
- Create while you build
- People love to learn from your process
- Perfect way to get started

Retweet 🔁 if you're building in public
Of the 100% of cases where you need to trust a person, you need to do it in all

Because every case can translate into an opportunity and an experience

You shouldn't lose that because of a possible betrayal

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What fantastic ability do all good managers have?

See in all things a product with its weaknesses/strengths🦾

Whether it's an app or an offline store brochure 🙄