I recently picked up journaling and I LOVE IT πŸ₯°
It's very unexpected as writing was one of my weakest subjects up until college (I used to pay someone to write my college essays🫒)

Check out where I share my journey building @typedreamHQ! #buildinpublic
In the past year, I've grown @typedreamHQ to 6.6k followers and my personal account to 7.4k followers through #buildinpublic

It's time to branch out to other social medias for 3 main reasons 🧡
@MeetKevon Happy birthday, Kevon! Keep inspiring people to #buildinpublic! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰
We want to make @typedreamHQ more accessible to you mobile users!

We want to make it perfect for you, so if you have used linktree, linkpop, and other link in bio apps, let us know what's πŸ‘ and πŸ‘Ž about them! πŸ‘‡πŸ’¬

We're building this for you πŸ‘Š #buildinpublic
Just recorded a #buildinpublic podcast with @thisiskp_!

We talked about my @ycombinator experience, founder story, and immigrant journey.

Excited to see the final result!… #RiversideFM
Made a personal website using @typedreamHQ for #nocodenovember! πŸ’

⏭️ What I'm up to
πŸ“š Learn from my founder, startup, and #buildinpublic journey via my tweet compilation
πŸš€ Ask me hunt your #NoCode projects on Product Hunt!

@mdeepu1 That's why I love the #buildinpublic community here on Twitter because we can learn from people's mistakes and not have to go down the rabbit hole ourselves!
#buildinpublic is great for marketing and all but why not also let the product market itself?

In an attempt to make @typedreamHQ's marketing more automated, I improved Typedream's SEO from 38% to 92% with @ubersuggest_seo by @neilpatelπŸ‘‡
Here's how I'd grow an early stage company today: Founders Marketing via #buildinpublic πŸ‘‡

ft. my favorite tweet by @MeetKevon

P.S. It's my 1st attempt writing a blog on @Medium, please show some ❀️!…
Being vulnerable in public made me able to only have 1 version of story to clients, investors, and the team

You can #buildinpublic as a venture-backed company too!
So wish me luck and stay with me while I put my own #buildinpublic advice into practice! 🀞
When I started my #buildinpublic journey, I had a couple unfair advantages:
- I was already a @ycombinator founder
- I had @typedreamHQ, which was a sexy product especially with the @NotionHQ hype
Our #buildinpublic master @MeetKevon is back again with his workshops!

Please join if you're interested to learn πŸŽ‰……
Hope this thread is useful for first-time founders out there.

Why fail yourself when you can learn from others' failures, right? #buildinpublic

Retweet the 1st tweet for reach!…
The ULTIMATE founder advice, from yours truly.

// a thread 🧡
My observation from the 5 months I've been in the Twitter #NoCode and #buildinpublic bubble: people have a billion NoCode project ideas but only a few actually built and launched their projects.

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