I really like the "Learn Laravel Forge" series on @laracasts.

Thinking about creating something similar for @shipmate_io. 📺

I'm really enjoying the content creation for @shipmate_io lately.

@sketch makes designing these Twitter cards effortless. 👨🏻‍🎨

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For organizations with lots of Teams and Projects, the Organization page in @shipmate_io quickly became overwhelming.

To solve this, I restructured the navigation and moved Projects and Billing to their own separate page. 🤌🏼

Users of @shipmate_io who don't have an active subscription see a notice at the top of the app.

This notice used to be present at all times, which could be annoying.

I just shipped a fix that adds the ability to hide the notice during the current session. 🙈

I added a subtle curve to the background of @shipmate_io.

Makes things a bit more friendly. 😊

This was super easy with CSS's clip-path property.

clip-path: ellipse(120% 100% at 50% 0%);

#buildinpublic #css
I just finished the outline of an upcoming video for @shipmate_io:

Next up: filming! 📹

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@jbrooksuk @laracasts I really like the "Learn Laravel Forge" series by @jbrooksuk.

Thinking about creating something similar for @shipmate_io. 📺

I gave the Twitter account of @shipmate_io a fresh coat of paint. 💅🏻

What do you think?

1. In 2018 I embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between software developers and the cloud.

4 years of success, failure, but most of all learnings later, I am launching the third generation of my solution: Shipmate.

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