Added some styling and lots of beautiful logos to the results page! 💅 #buildinpublic
@JhumanJ Would be an interesting experiment to publish your Screentime output on a public dashboard, just like the #buildinpublic MRR dashboards.

How much Netflix would you watch if everyone saw it?
What are you all using as a CRM? Specifically looking for smth to manage new user inquiries, managing the waitlist, onboarding, etc. #buildinpublic
How I came up with the logo for 👇
I started a new account and congratulated me on reaching 0 followers. 😂🎉💥 @dr
BTW, everyone follow me immediately! Gonna tweet about building serverless SaaS! #buildinpublic
If I wanted to build infra, I would solve this problem with containers, but I wanted to avoid this with Lambdas. #tweet100 #buildinpublic
My stack for the current project: @nextjs (running on @vercel), API Gateway -> Lambda -> DynamoDB/RDS on @awscloud. Authentication with @auth0. Details below.