Here's a little about my new side-project @streamermemes_ that I made as part of the #100DaysofNoCode MVP Bootcamp to market @tierlistmakers

#buildinpublic #nocode @softr_io…
Great Opportunity to ask the Queen of Communities @RosielandHQ any questions you might have on building amazing communities

#buildinpublic #indiehackers…
So my Twitter growth on the @TierListMakers brand account has slowed recently. Need to have a rethink of my strategy.

How have you grown your own brand account?

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
It was great catching up with the #WBESpace peeps this evening - such a supportive group to be part of πŸ˜€

Talked about our challenges and everyone lent a hand to try and think of some ways around and through them! #buildinpublic #indiehackers
If you haven't been on #ProductHunt for a while then it's worth going in to check your profile.

They've updated the site and there's a longer "bio" section available....

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Started having video chats whilst in "Brand" mode for Tier List Makers - so I need a new screen background....what do we think?

Finding someone to come on-stream on Twitch to make some artwork for our
Launch Promo is proving a challenge!

I just love the idea of making it live and seeing something come together πŸ˜€ #buildinpublic
I've found it very difficult to interact with Twitch Partners whilst they're streaming - just too much noise when there are 50+ other chatters.

So I'm now trying cold emails - very thankful to those that have helped me craft them as it doesn't come naturally!

It's only been a day or so since we soft launched @tierlistmakers and I'm already getting such a buzz from people signing up

Yes only had a few but it's so rewarding knowing people are waiting for what you're building

What are your goals for this august? Here are mine:

βœ… Get back on track with #100daysofnocode
βœ… Launch Content for Tweetstores
βœ… Acquire customers for TierListMakers

Pressing the "Go-Live" πŸ”΄ button on Monday - 98% Excited and 2% Scared, or maybe it's the other way around....

Day 6 of #100DaysOfNoCode

I created a resource directory on @softr_io - part of my preparation for my build weekend in a couple of weeks time.

So glad I had a go today - lots of teething problems I need to sort!

Seeing an increasing number of makers on Twitch these days - is this a new trend?

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
Has anyone actually had any great success with Ship on #ProductHunt?

Would love to have a chat to understand πŸ˜€

#Buildinpublic #indiehackers
@trymicro @TheSaasDev Thanks - it's been a great experience already! Definitely a fun way to #buildinpublic πŸ˜€
Well 2nd Hour in and here's the Progress for #HalfDayBuild #Buildinpublic

- Copy for the site updated
- @BirdMojo Twitter Handle Up and Running
- A short video to announce the logo done!

Next up some images for our site