This actually is a decent #buildinpublic idea right there. A project management app for indie devs. No need for teams, comments or assignees. Just give me an app with tons of keyboard shortcuts so I can vomit all the ideas I have without swimming through features I will never use
I'm currently building an Open Source theme/skin library for Angular Material.

My current objective is to create a design system. Then I'll start implementing the design(s) to Angular Material components.

Small 🧡 about me and my journey.

#angular #buildinpublic #opensource
Okay I've decided against Figma for now and put together an Angular app for my internal use. Figma would take a lot of time and effort for no extra gain since all I need is component styles. This should allow me to quickly iterate over on component styles #buildinpublic
Put together a quick to-do list about the design system of the project. Promise it's not a Figma UI kit😁I know it sounds boring but, this is a crucial part of the project and it needs to be done. #buildinpublic
Starting to a new project today. Today I'll be preparing some tasks and hopefully starting tomorrow will be sharing my journey from here. #buildinpublic