Making have some downside too,
Yesterday i received this message from angry dude.
Most of the time you have to be strong enough to don't care, that part of the process.
Usually i don't answer.
With this email he will never receive it, so i share it here :)
i just discovered @LogSnag ! Perfect tool to understand user journey!
Fun fact I discovered it because @ImSh4yy joined the discord of @Capgo_app today and presented his project! Now we gonna both use the tool of each other!
just reached 900 MRR round !
so close to my goal of 1000 MRR
what will be the next one 3k or 5 k

I still don't understand why the same app perform so well in IOS (80% conversion) and don't in Android (15%)...
Since 1 month, Android is going better because i putted the app for free for now to have more download.
But still a lot to learn on Android
Get a request today for a custom plan for @Capgo_app
it's very hard to price this.
But the client seems not shocked with a monthly price of 1089 euro for is usecases.
Where my biggest plan is at 99 euro

To price i checked the "pay as you go plan" of @expo

Since today, my projects generate the minimum salary of portugal (where i live) in MRR
that not cover my current expense, but that mean it could ! 💪
I got issue with @stripe webhook and @supabase edge function made with @deno_land.
The SDK made functions crash and @Capgo_app couldn't accept payment anymore....
Today I find a fix to parse the signature without the SDK
if you need,…
Got my first serious acquisition proposal for Captime today.
At this point of MRR it will be around 10k, it's cool, but I think I can do better, so I refused. Let's reach my next milestone of 1k MRR
I have some client complain about the pricing plan in @Capgo_app, like it's not enough for them.

Yesterday i though, what if there are more, and they never end up client because of that?
So i added this under pricing, today i go the first query!
just passed the 500 euro MRR milestone, while hiking 😍
How to find a market fit :
Find real pain in the ass of users and fix it!
Retweet if you are sick of apple review process too 😂
Today i got the first client to pay yearly on @Capgo_app
A solution for my @crisp_im CRM integration
And a client in freelance for the 3 next months What a day 👌🙏
yesterday i was asking myself if i will pay the bill again with my saving 😂
the good point of doing BtoC app, you sell every day of the week, even better the weekend !

My first PR merged into @Firebase to resolve issue with my favorite tool @capacitorjs, not easy ride but love it so far!
#buildinpublic #opensource
Got paid for my open-source, first time in my life 🥰
i keep failing to have android user pay the app.
same price as apple one but they mostly just complain or cancel the trial.
so i will try to remove pricing for a month to rebuild authority.
the only rating i have now is bad on android.

working on my app screenshot description, not fun work but help so much the visit to download ratio