Yesterday on the way for dance festival, i discovered my biggest client in @Capgo_app canceled his plan.😢

i sended @crisp_im chat. but i knew it was too late for answer.
That destroyed me, i didn't went to the party.

This morning he answered, saved my weekend ❤️ #buildinpublic
Passed 100 euro of donation for climate with @Capgo_app
I chose to give 5% of revenue for @stripe carbon removal,
I believe in that to improve our chances to continue to enjoy life as it is now
Yesterday, I shared my Awesome-capacitor list directly to people in the

I got so many good feedbacks and opportunity!
It also made it jump from 183 to 199!
Who will be the 200 to start it? ⭐️
Solo bootstrap founders are not alone, that the theme of my new podcast, coming in november 🔥
That the first time i will podcast in english, huge challenge for me !
Expected to post this since 6 days, but i was going up and down between 990 and 1k 😂
Now it's stable !
Next goal 3K 🔥
Big opportunity are on the table, for @Capgo_app with 1k2, 1k7 and 1k6 MRR by client. it could make me reach the target faster than expected !
Stay calm and communicate properly in open-source chat is super hard sometime.

You try to show your perspective, and you hit a wall.…

Open source don't mean there no rules.

Someone forked my project and publish on npm without access to the code source as expected by LGPL-3

i tried to reach him without luck, so i had to ask @github for help

Got a client call today with potential 1200 euro MRR for @Capgo_app
i just released the pay as you go pricing yesterday, that was fast 👌
just discover my margin of @Capgo_app biggest plan is negative 😂
hood job martin !
just reached 400 subscribers in Captime app ❤️

Last week i analyse the stats and i have 3% of conversion to pay.
while my store conversion is 79%.

My next priority is to manage a way to double the paid conversion.
Been indie, make some client think you are very nothing.

Don't get mad, ask them why and improve.

You have also the right to tell them, you don't want them as client.
But first be kind that make miracles :)

Making have some downside too,
Yesterday i received this message from angry dude.
Most of the time you have to be strong enough to don't care, that part of the process.
Usually i don't answer.
With this email he will never receive it, so i share it here :)
i just discovered @LogSnag ! Perfect tool to understand user journey!
Fun fact I discovered it because @ImSh4yy joined the discord of @Capgo_app today and presented his project! Now we gonna both use the tool of each other!
just reached 900 MRR round !
so close to my goal of 1000 MRR
what will be the next one 3k or 5 k

I still don't understand why the same app perform so well in IOS (80% conversion) and don't in Android (15%)...
Since 1 month, Android is going better because i putted the app for free for now to have more download.
But still a lot to learn on Android
Get a request today for a custom plan for @Capgo_app
it's very hard to price this.
But the client seems not shocked with a monthly price of 1089 euro for is usecases.
Where my biggest plan is at 99 euro

To price i checked the "pay as you go plan" of @expo

Since today, my projects generate the minimum salary of portugal (where i live) in MRR
that not cover my current expense, but that mean it could ! 💪
I got issue with @stripe webhook and @supabase edge function made with @deno_land.
The SDK made functions crash and @Capgo_app couldn't accept payment anymore....
Today I find a fix to parse the signature without the SDK
if you need,…
Got my first serious acquisition proposal for Captime today.
At this point of MRR it will be around 10k, it's cool, but I think I can do better, so I refused. Let's reach my next milestone of 1k MRR