I feel like the best Twitter marketing strategy is showing the cool stuff your product can do! #buildinpublic
Every decision is a gamble! 😩

Do I do something I know I have to do soon or do I plant another seed which will work for me in a couple of years?

I always pick the latter.

Coding can be a hassle! Here's some tips on how to stay productive as a programmer. #buildinpublic #developers #codinglife…
Developers don't need to Google well anymore, they need to ask ChatGPT for code in a way it understands 😅

I don't even code anymore. I just ask GPT. #buildinpublic #ChatGPT
Tsumori got a fresh new redesign! 😁🚀

P.S. here's a tip, pet the cheetah! #buildinpublic
Funny how I always come up with the best project ideas when I should be doing some marketing instead 😅
#buildinpublic #startup
Hey #buildinpublic, here's a sneak peak of my website's redesign. What do you think?😊
Being creative and finding new solutions to problems is the hardest part about building products 😭
#buildinpublic #bootstrap #indiehackers
As I'm redesigning my website I'm becoming aware of how bad my code was just 2 months ago 😅 #buildinpublic
Hi #buildinpublic!

Want to try and get into the zone with my new web app? You can try out the beta version of Cheetah right here:!

How to use:
💎 Add a task
💎 Try out the focus meditation to relax
💎 Work!

Please try it out and share your thoughts!
Coding something scary that you don't have experience with and nailing it the first time is a cause for celebration 😄
Hi #buildinpublic! You can now add and remove tasks! Also, what do you think about the new menu UI?
There's nothing better than when you code something and it takes much less time than you anticipated

Such a shame it doesn't happen that often 😅

Hi #buildinpublic!

I finally managed to code a decent amount despite being ill. I'm making progress, and I'm more than happy with how it's going.

What are you doing today?
Recently, I realized that building an MVP in two weeks working 3-4 hours a day is different from working 3-4 hours a week. 😭

I'm still going to pull it off though. Mark the date, December 3rd. 😎
Good day #buildinpublic!

I was waiting for the bus a bit earlier, but it never came and it'll cost me at least an hour of work.

Sometimes things just don't go as planned! And it's okay 🙂
Hey #buildinpublic! What's up?

I'm currently making the MVP. It's going slowly but steadily. I don't work on it as much as I want, but it'll probably be done in the next few weeks.

I stopped bothering myself with the UI, and I'm just working on the functions atm 😄
If your customers like something, it doesn't matter if you don't.

You're not your own boss, they are your boss.

Learned this last week with the UI 😅
When my dog distracts me while I'm working I simply can't be mad at him because he's so cute 😊 #buildinpublic