Tip for indie hackers and entrepreneurs: Enable the Stripe integration on slack channels.

The dopamine doses throughout the day will be game changer for your productivity. Thank me later.

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Signed up in the co-founder matching on @ycombinator for

Hope to find someone interested in this field ☺️

I sold my first company in 2019
Since then I am all-in to make 50X of my exit

I created who is doing numbers in Brazil
I am developing a game
I am creating a UX platform for usability tests
Learning SEO from experts

Watch me get there
Hi #SEO and #buildinpublic twitter πŸ‘‹

I'll launch this new software to help designers/PMs/Founders get valued feedback from users, and want to test SEO as the main acquisition channel.

Does anyone else have any experience with that and willing to share some advices?
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I made the users join our slack community in order to download the app.

We are in the pre-launch phase and we are looking for feedback. I made it clear on the Reddit/Landing page.

A user complained about this pattern - and I totally understand - but ... [1/2]

That's it, thanks to some of people that influences me here on Twitter, I'll start to - wait for it - BUILD IN PUBLIC πŸŽ‰

Following the steps of rockstars like @thisiskp_ ,@agazdecki,@KennethCassel,@TheBuilderJR ... I'll #buildinpublic my 3rd startup.

One of the main reasons: It's a mass product. It means that for the first months - maybe - revenue won't be our north star metric.
We'll focus on grow to make our revenue model make sense.
I don't see it a lot on #buildinpublic, mostly are guide by MMR, etc..

Second reason:
I would love to have an invite to try @joinClubhouse here in Brazil with some rooms in portuguese.

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Waking up like this 🧑

"I love the UI, it's almost like building a landing page on a piece of paper!"

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