Tick... Tock... Launching my new startup on @ProductHunt in 4 days! ⏳

Who else is launching next week? πŸš€

Accountability groups on Buddy Crush can be public 🌎

You can discover πŸ”Ž active groups and join them!

Added a custom app install trigger on Buddy Crush ✨ (instead of the default one)

Hopefully, it will increase user retention πŸ“ˆ

Next: same for @HabitsGarden 🌱

My startup is featured in @TheHustle πŸ‘€

πŸ“ˆ 3,100 visitors in 4 hours

Added cute SVG to Buddy Crush landing page ✨

+ sign up with Twitter 🐦
+ sign up with Email πŸ“§

About to give up on @HabitsGarden and got this... 🀩

Tomorrow I'm boarding a plane ✈️ for 24 hours to go back to France.

YOU decide what app I should build in the airπŸ§‘β€πŸ’»

The reply with the most likes will be my 24h-challenge. Go πŸ‘‡

🌟 Turned 50 Hacks into a macOS app (kinda) for better retention

PWA haters, come roast me!

#2 on @ProductHunt for my startup πŸ₯ˆ

I bet 50% of upvotes are yours, Twitterβ€”so thank you all ❀️

Monday: 8 visitors
Wednesday: 42,954 visitors

You never know what's going to happen. Go launch your app!

Added an embedded promo for @HabitsGarden on 50 Hacks (top hacks only)

Yes or Nah?

Users are reporting poor content on 50 Hacks, so only the legit content stands out.

The Internet is wonderful.

Some Reddit madness is happening right now πŸ‘€

Who else is coding instead of marketing? βœ‹

Launching my crowdsourced productivity tips list on @producthunt on Monday πŸš€πŸŒšπŸŒŸ

Should I DM you when it's live? If so, reply with your BEST emoji!

Reddit you'll never cease to surprise me... 🀯

πŸ‘€ 49,000 views
πŸ”Ό 339 upvotes
🌟 287 karmas

New Reddit course launching soon "How I got lucky?" πŸ˜…

Launching 50 Hacksβ€”a crowdsourced list of the best productivity tips πŸ’₯πŸš€

✍️ Write a tip and link your Twitter
πŸ”Ό Upvote your favorites

#buildinpublic can we blow this up?

(link below)