Marketing site: officially in progress 🎨 #buildinpublic
Build 60 (!!) brings with it a custom deep linking implementation for SwiftUI! 🔗 #buildinpublic
The full suite of Marathon widgets are now here! 🥳 #buildinpublic
The humble beginnings of our _next_ widget 😉 #buildinpublic
Working on rewriting the data layer... 😅 I'm feeling pretty good about this approach inspired by @rwenderlich tho! #Swift #buildinpublic
We also added a lightbox for series posters, powered by @aheze0’s Popovers! #buildinpublic
We’ve updated our reaction animation to include our brand™️ gradient, what do you think? #buildinpublic
Trying out different variations of the classic icon, looking for thoughts! #buildinpublic
Playing around with haptics and animations #buildinpublic (also yes I love Nathan For You ❤️)
Fun tip: you can use a stack widget to hold all your Marathon widgets! 🥞 #buildinpublic
How much time have you spent watching TV? Display it proudly on your homescreen! #buildinpublic