Fractional ownership is getting a lot of traction in India and people are starting to recognize its potential. We have built to provide access to people with a smaller budget to invest in real estate. #buildinpublic… via @GoogleNews
Hi #buildinpublic Do VCs require startups to have conducted break-even analysis, valuation, and financial projections in order to secure seed funding?
GM! We are thrilled to announce that our first property is fully funded within 2 weeks of launch! 🚀 Checkout and #diversify your #portfolio.

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@ThePeterMick I am the co-founder of Claravest (; we are a fractional real estate company that allows users to invest in real estate with Rs. 1 Lakh / ~$1200.
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It’s been 11 days since we launched, a fractional real estate platform that allows you to invest in real estate with as little as Rs. 1 Lakh / 1200 USD. Our first property is already 96% funded. Last stretch!!!!
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Looking for an app to make animated illustrations for 's social media. Any suggestions?

It has been less than a week since we launched and our first property - The Surya is already 60% funded! 🥳

Do not miss on this exciting opportunity to #diversifyyourportfolio and #earnpassiveincome

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#financialexpress highlights fractional real estate ownership and asset diversification that retail investors can follow in 2023. aims to do the same!
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Released 3 days ago!
Any marketing tips for a fractional real estate platform?
My company - Claravest, is LIVE 🎉

We allow users to invest in Indian real estate starting with Rs. 1 Lakh (~1200 USD) and earn yearly yields + property appreciation 🙌

Check us out, and let me know your thoughts!

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I returned to India after working for ten years in silicon valley to start my company. I incorporated my company last October; every day has been a roller coaster ride since then. Loving this experience.