Landing page update #2,204. Always iterating & improving. Lot's of new things coming soonπŸ‘€ #buildinpublic
That's how I've structured This will definitely evolve as I am learning so much along the way. Always been inspired with creative ways to build sustainable businesses. Stoked to finally put this into practice and #buildinpublic.
Shipping updates and new features every week πŸ’ͺ
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Gone are the days of messy, unorganized projects that are difficult to share and hard to give context to others. We make your work in process projects look ✨
Newest update to the signup page including GIF of UI :) #buildinpublic
Excited to finally share more #buildinpublic process for @viewportHQ. Here's the teaser landing page before the full one drops soon. How's the copy @heyblake?
Archived side project. Selected branding direction. #buildinpublic #productdesign
How many ideas or side projects do you start but never complete? #buildinpublic #design
Some mockups I made for my Portugal travel log. Photography and design for