First screen with patient list ready.
I can add patients and filter the list.
πŸ“ adding notes

Plan for this week - testing an idea 😁

Working MVP of a note app for dentists 🦷

πŸ“ record and transcribe to text
πŸ“ save note in database
πŸ“ export note

Low fidelity wireframes in @figma
Looks ugly, but it's the fastest way to brainstorm ideas with team.

me: spent 2 evenings building a date picker component, showing it to my wife
wife: 'this looks very bad, why do you even need it?'
me: 😐 deletes it, <input type='date' ...

Problem solved

Update from last week.
We've improved our application flow, so now users don't have to login before sending an apply email.
Hope this makes things easier for applicants.

Off to the next week πŸ™Œ
Another small improvement.

Important CTA on offer page in a sticky footer.
'Apply' button always visible.

Small UI changes.
πŸ“ new 'classic' looking pin
πŸ“ slightly different colors

Not much, but it looks nice πŸ˜„
New desktop search flow.

before & after screens.

Big, unused white space to fix.
Still some bugs to squash.

New week πŸ‘‰ new plan.
Mobile search flow is finished.
Now it's time to do the same with Desktop.

πŸ“ reuse components and update UI
πŸ“ play with @tailwindcss

Last week progress:

Updates to the mobile UI
βœ… new search component
βœ… pins visible
βœ… navigate to offer details

Experimenting with additional buttons over the map.
Don't know if I will leave it like this πŸ€”

Super simple spell with @tailwindcss πŸ‘‡

Doing some sketches to figure out the new search flow.
Aiming for best mobile experience and simplicity πŸ€”

I believe I have finalized the search component.
Now it's time to integrate with the rest of the flow.

New week πŸ‘‰ new plan.
Integrate search with current flow.

πŸ“ Get data from DB based on params
πŸ“ show offers on search / map
πŸ“ show offer details

End of week build in public update.

I have a working prototype of a new search component.
2 dropdowns with tags.
Built with @shadcn Accordion component ☺️

@FounderKyle I've seen only #buildinpublic tag.
I don't think it matters anymore 😁
Sheduling some tweets for Monday. Hopefully Twitter will be still operational πŸ₯Ή

Went stealth mode for too long.
My side project went though big pivot and I finally have some spare mental capacity to write updates.
Super easy way to handle long texts in @chakra_ui
Especially useful on mobile when the text doesn't fit the container and can't wrap it.
Specify noOfLines.
Doing some fixes for mobile view.
Map was causing some problems with scrolling.
Now is hidden by default.
Tomato is my new favorite color from @chakra_ui for debugging frontend.
What's yours?