Full text search working 🎉
Done in just 1 day thanks to @supabase
Bonus points for learning how indexes in PostgreSQL work.
#buildinpublic #startup
For the rich text editor, I'm using @lexicaljs
Text is saved as JSON, so I can't use this to perform search.
I'm thinking about using an additional column with raw text.
I'm almost finished with all the core features for MVP (hopefully...)
Now working on the full text search.
@supabase has this feature out of the box 😃…

For the app font we are going with the Cera Pro Font
First time using something other than google fonts.
I was checking my app performance on, and it turns out I can make some improvements to custom font loading.
Learning about font-display - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN…

Hello fellow indie hackers, I have a boring question:
How do you tackle the problem of creating legal documents?
I'm thinking about Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Woahh, having lots of performance issues while using Formik.
Looking into some solutions.
Thinking about switching to @HookForm from Formik
React Hook Form vs. Formik: A technical and performance comparison - LogRocket Blog…

For the public beta of archipins I will not have an option to add a logo.
I'm replacing the logo with the first letter of the company name.
A placeholder, just for start.
Still figuring out if I'll have setting up accounts. 🤔

I really would like to roll out the public beta for archipins.
Thinking about all the necessary things I have to add to make it work.

Strangely, everything looks important.
You can use isReady from @nextjs router to get the query parameters.
Use it in useEffect to limit re-renders.…
Figma Jam is perfect for remote teams brainstorming.
We are using it all the time in our micro startup 🙌
Is there a better tool?

Intro to FigJam: How to brainstorm with an online whiteboard via @YouTube
Added a basic form for login with magic links.
I'm shocked at how easy it is with @supabase.
Just 1 hook and you're good to go 😅

Adding pin clustering to @LeafletJS
Rendering a custom div with a value if there is more than 1 pin at current map zoom.

New week 💪 time to do some codding.
Plan for next days:
• add auth with @supabase
• create admin dashboard to approve offers
• add clustering for map pins

Finally, some coding progress.
@location_iq API and @LeafletJS working nicely 😀