Observe some economic metrics

▶️ added charts for unemployment, interest rate, and balance sheet
▶️ added charts for Germany

Improved the mobile version of my crypto calendar

The current state of coin detail page

▶️ more updates tomorrow 🦾

Done today

▶️ update of link tree page
▶️ adjusted n8n workflow to pull categories of coins
▶️ some hidden updates: worked on a coin detail page
▶️ move repo from private org to private personal, because of @Netlify new restrictions

Updated my social page for Instagram.

The cool thing:
▶️ the freedom to design it however I like :)

Which coins are dead because they did not reach ATH in the last bull cycle?

▶️ created a table to get an overview
▶️ Threshold is 01-01-2021

fix my automatic dependabot merge workflow.

How does it work?
✅ run yarn test
✅ run yarn build
✅ merges PR CI build is green

based on @github action and @dependabot

Thanks to @blockchain. I could easily add some network metric with their API to my personal #Bitcoin Dashboard.


I adjusted my #btc #discord hook to also integrate the values of the #cbbi. Now I get a daily notification of the current #bitcoin market :)