Día 3️⃣ creando @Liduco #BuildInPublic

✅ Registro listo.

⌛️ Onboarding pendiente (no me dio tiempo ayer).

Video con avances y explicación de las herramientas que estoy usando.
Proudly created with Vue, Nuxt, Tailwind & Oruga. @LiducoHQ login page, work in progress. ⚡

Day 2️⃣ building @LiducoHQ:

✅ Project boilerplate is done.

Today, I'll be making these features:

・ Login
・ Register
・ Onboarding

🔥 14 days and 3 hours left to launch 🔥

The #magicbanner is ready, showing up the time left for @LiducoHQ beta launch.

Thanks @tdinh_me for making this awesome tool!…

20 issues mapping all features for @LiducoHQ MVP.

Let's do this!

We want to change how online education works, with a new paradigm, through @LiducoHQ.

Support the project by donating, and we will assign you a special badge on your profile, with exclusive access to the beta and a free month on Pro plan.

Day 1️⃣ building @LiducoHQ:

Boilerplate almost ready with this stack:

Frontend: NuxtJS, Buefy & Apollo
Backend: Django, graphene & celery

The landing page was launched in December 2020, but the project stopped. Now it's active again! Follow for updates.

Opening sprint to launch a new product in 15 days.

Wish me luck. 🤞

Algunos pensamientos en torno a este lanzamiento:

This bot just arrived to 220k forwarded messages and 2.6k users 🔥…

My latest bot has overcome the 100K forwarded messages, only with 1.4K users!

A user was asking to acquire Premium today. Monetization is getting closer.…

A small preview of my next product, currently on a sprint to launch. We'll pay members for getting traffic to the platform, through ads via MGID. #BuildInPublic
This small snippet reflects the business model of my next #startup. I'm currently on a sprint to launch the MVP.

More updates soon. #BuildInPublic
Once I earn the next $1 dollar in my upcoming #startups, I'll start counting for my next goal: $10K MRR.

Is it too much? Let's see.

Not counting @CubaPod, which income is not for me.

Preparing to launch #ForwarderBot in @ProductHunt.

Next steps:
🔳 Introduce some improvements.
🔳 Landing page.
🔳 Launch.

#ForwarderBot is growing.

Messages sent:


I'm finding ways to promote it in order to grow user base and hopefully monetize it.

What happens if, suddenly, I start tweeting majorly in English since today?

What if I share my #startups updates while I #BuildInPublic?

Let's do it and see the results.
🆕 Nuevos filtros:

🎥 Mensajes circulares en video
🌏 Ubicación en el mapa
🗣️ Mensajes de voz

Además, #BuildInPublic:

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