Rewrote the onboarding for my international weather warnings app. Hopefully users will enjoy this new cleaner look.

If you are from the supported countries (US, EU and a few around the EU), I would love some feedback on the app

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I've gotten somewhat more aggressive with my Romanian weather warnings app:
• showing the paywall right after onboarding
• yearly plan is the first one shown
• free trial on yearly instead of monthly

Hope to see better results with these changes.

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I today officially began migrating one of my oldest subscription-based apps to @RevenueCat. I have been putting this off for way too long.

I also downloaded the .ipa and the .aab for the current version to test how existing monthly subscribers are migrated over.

If you publish on Google Play, you'll sometimes get low ratings with a review.

If the review is really offensive, Google automatically removes it.

If it doesn't actually review the app (or is just random words), report it and Google will most likely remove it.

How would you respond to such reviews? My wedding planner app ( was never advertised as being localized in italian. It's nice that the app is getting traction, but some 5* (relevant) reviews would be nice.

To all indie developers out there: don't stress too much on the number of sales. You'll have days with a good number of sales, but some days you'll only have one or even no sales even if you did nothing wrong. Just the nature of how this business works.

I have a folder on my phone with lots of downloaded apps which I thought I’d look at for inspiration/ideas (UI/functionality) for my own apps.

I unfortunately deleted most of them, since I figured I will never have the time to check them out properly.

Really hope they'll not find something else that's been in the app for years and complain about it. This is not a good time to receive a rejection, these warnings are time-sensitive.

Update: now at 14k installed audience, after 11 more days.

Working on further improving the algorithm and adding new features for the users.

Good morning. How was everyone's quarter? The numbers are in. In terms of revenue, I am up around 48% from the last quarter last year, and 206% from the same quarter last year.

Ready to put in all the work to ensure this trend continues.

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I shipped an update today for one of my apps.

I realized that trying to cram every single potential improvement, feature and bug fix into a single update (like I usually try to do) is a sure way to get stuck trying to do everything, delaying the update forever.

I recently began watching charts a lot more as I found out they convey lots of useful information.

This is my Romanian weather warnings app. It seems that the installed audience starts increasing every spring, and decreases every fall.

Update: now hitting 13k installed audience. Almost a 1k increase in 10 days. Previous increase from 11k to 12k took 12 days. From 10k to 11k took around 23 days.

The increase from 0 to 10k took from Aug 2020 all the way to Jan 2023.

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My Car Timer app is starting to take off, hopefully 📈

The top line is the number the app is being opened. 469 times the day before yesterday, the highest number yet.

The bottom line is the number of times the paywall has been opened.

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Meteoalarm, the service I use in a few apps for weather warnings in EU/USA had nothing in its feed for the last 7-10 days. I started to get worried they were not longer going to post to the feeds, affecting my apps.

Luckily they confirmed it’s a technical issue.

Pretty busy schedule next week, with webinars scheduled by @MobileAction, Apple, @Mail_Gun and @phiture. As an indie developer, you must at least try to get better and keep up with everything new.

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Up another ~7%, now surpassing 12K installed audience. All while the app and store listing are only in English. Already in the process of translating them to a few different languages, luckily ChatGPT makes this process a lot less painful

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Finally added i18n internationalization support for all strings that appear in my Car Timer app At least 95% of the revenue comes from non-native english speaking countries, so I hope translating the app will help it grow.

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Second time I’m trying to break the 100 installed audience mark for my wedding planning app

My third most popular app on Android, in desperate need of updates, improvements, a community and a monetization model.

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Can anyone guess what happened on the 14th that caused my downloads to jump for my Romanian weather warnings app? Also got quite a few of trial activations around the same date.

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