Time to update all apps that use use push notifications asap with that channel creation.

I wanted to migrate this app to @RevenueCat for a while now, their support was quick to provide guidance on my concern with existing subscribers (for which I would need to restore subscription data at app launch as RC would not be aware of their sub status).

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Tasks for my Car Timer app:

• create a leaderboard where users will show off their performance
• introduce subscriptions, which will allow things such as offer codes
• create new beautiful screenshots with captions and A/B test them against old ones

Someone really insisted on purchasing one of my IAPs within the span of one hour but failed repeatedly. Never seen anything like this, wonder if this is a genuine issue or he was trying to game Google’s IAP system.

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Developed a new welcome page for my most successful app. Beforehand, was simply displaying the paywall at first app start.

Still showing the paywall after this is dismissed, because you miss 100% of shots you don’t take.

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Never thought of this before, but definitely sounds like a great idea which I should implement in my apps.

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This is my plan to acquire more users for all my apps! If the user cancels the PRO screen, allow them to acquire it 100% FREE by sharing it with the world via Blog, TikTok, YouTube, etc. 😊 Watch the flow below 👇 #buildinpublic #flutterdev
Only to find, after spending all that time, that I must also upgrade to Billing Library 4. Would it have been that difficult to actually let me know about the Billing Library when I got the error about SDK 30?

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When customers buy your product within minutes of first opening the app, they really make your day.

Using @RevenueCat as the In-App Purchase SDK for processing purchases.

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Excuse the strange language, but since everyone is sharing what they’re working on, here I am: I’ve been redoing the paywall for one of my local apps to make it a better experience for the users and hopefully improve conversions.

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