Today, I worked on an article draft, worked on my non-profit idea and took up my OCCET project with @noemiepound, Gabriel, @nouhaila1f & @victoriasulymaa (worked on the project website), had a math test.

Also checked out @SebastianThrun

Mostly a break, worked on schoolwork started uploading my focus videos online and started a notion document for my idea.

Woke up very late (8 am, I stayed up late finishing up my focus) but went for a walk, so you get a pic of the day
#buildinpublic (Yesterday)

Succeeded in my challenge with @nicolas_gatien to finish a focus in 1 week: 4 articles, 3 videos and 3 projects DONE (spent 60~ hours on it) so now taking a break from my AI focus to focus on schoolwork and start work on a nonprofit idea.

No walk 😭

Today, I finished my voting dapp, had my @theksociety session (about #quantum) started writing an article about sleep, and started another #blockchain project.

And again, no walk, and I will probably not go for a walk tomorrow because I have a LOT of work 😭
#buildinpublic (yesterday)

I was still stuck on my voting dapp, so mostly debugging. Started writing an article, and watched a movie with my family.

Woke up at 5 am, but missed the walk (epic failure). So you get a meme instead...

Finished an article about ERC20 tokens, worked on a voting DApp, having a lot of bugs 😩

Woke up at 5 am, took my walk (but didn't take my phone with me so you get a cat pic instead) and learned some Spanish words on @JoinToucan

Today, I polished my article on DAOs and submitted it to a publication, also deployed my ERC20 token to a test network.

Got back to waking up at 5 am, took my walk, and sent a letter to my future self using @futureme.

Here is the pic of the day.

Today mostly worked on an article about #DAOs, and started making my own #ERC20 token. Also planned my week and had my daily walk.

2022 still looking good 👀

P.S: And there you go, picture of the day from my walk 🥰

Today I wrote and polished an article draft, worked on my #AI and enjoyed some family time.

#Tomorrow I will start a focus in Blockchain as part of a challenge with @nicolas_gatien.

2022 still looking good.

Today I submitted all my article drafts to Medium publications, wrapped up my age/gender/ethnicity model code (but it's taking too long to execute)...

#Habits update: took my walk, did not wake up before 5 am (I slept past midnight) so working on that #tomorrow
#buildinpublic Day 31/30:

Will keep doing my daily updates on Twitter after all 😉

This is my last update of 2021...
#buildinpublic Day 30/30:
Polished an article draft, looked into the face recognition Python library for my #AI and got halfway done on my newsletter, probably releasing it tomorrow.
#buildinpublic Day 29/30:
Worked on an article and spent the rest of the day enjoying time with my family in #ottawa #downtown.
#buildinpublic Day 28/30:
Polished yesterday's draft article, and submitted yesterday's to a @Medium publication, did the outline for my newsletter, watched #HomeAlone 3 with my family, a nice way to get my mind off things :)
#buildinpublic Day 27/30:
Polished one articles and wrote a first draft for another one, spent time with my family, brainstormed for my newsletter, and started reflecting on the past year.
#buildinpublic Day 26/30:

What would you do if you feel depressed for one minute and then excited to the roof the next minute all over again?

That was pretty much my day...

I think I had my computer in the same room for too long, maybe I will feel better if I switch up rooms?
#buildinpublic Day 25/30:

My family doesn't celebrate Christmas so it was nothing special...

But I am kind of going into an existential crisis... I took some time to reconsider my priorities, and decided that I will put less time onto my #ai project to focus on other goals
#buildinpublic Day 24/30:

The very productive day I was planning for myself turned into a day at @IKEACanada. I must say that although I am not particularly passionate about furniture, it's @IKEAFoundation, so I am not complaining... 😋
#buildinpublic Day 23/30:

Published my missed updates (FINALLY), but was still feeling tired, so it was more relaxed. I made progress in my book, and started reading a new book.
#buildinpublic 16/30:

Another painful day at school, had to do a presentation (MY PARTNER DITCHED ME 😪😤), not a fun day.

Went out for a walk, spent some time with family and practiced for my music testS (I had 3 for the next day 😕)