Starting out a challenge to average out 120 minutes or less on my phone for 30 days, will post screenshots every 3-4 days... If I don't stick to it, I am getting off Twitter for 2 weeks :) Let's do thisssssssssss

S/o to @damedashdeez for the suggestion 😎
I FINISHED ALL MY TO-DO LIST FOR TODAY!!! Can't believe I did ittttttt (fact: 99% of the time, I don't finish my to-do list loll) #buildinpublic #Productivity
I miss tweeting daily updates already, I think I will go back to doing themmmm #buildinpublic
So I've been reflecting on my #buildinpublic daily updates, and come to the conclusion that they are often vague enough to not serve their purpose. So I'll not be doing them regularly unless there is something interesting going on...
#buildinpublic (yesterday):

Finished reading the book and started the draft for my article on it. Reached out to @uOttawa and @ucarleton for an event I am trying to organize. Otherwise worked on some schoolwork.
#buildinpublic (yesterday)

Some complications came up for a project so I tried fixing them. then, I was very exhausted so chilled out doing some quick tasks and reading a book (at 75% so far), hoping to finish it tomorrow.

Woke up at 5 am but didn't take my walk.

Published an article, uploaded my videos to YT and my projects to the TKS app. Had a TKS session filled with fun and frustration (case studies) and teamed up with @AayushGrover_ , @nouhaila1f and @noemiepound for an upcoming consulting challenge in February.

Think I can get 100 followers on Medium by the time I send out my newsletter (in 2 weeks)? currently at 80.

Finished draft for an article, worked on my non-profit, finished making the website for a project, finished my schoolwork for the weekend and chilled with family.

Slept on the floor, didn't fast, woke up at 5 am, skipped the walk, might sleep on the floor tonight
To me personally, sharing my goals in public holds me accountable, and makes my social proof, credibility, reputation AND my self-satisfaction all at risk. So I would say in my situation, I would rather #buildinpublic

Went above and beyond for a French assignment, finished those painful tasks but they took me a long time. I predict my productivity will be better tomorrow without those.

I have a lot of my plate and starting to feel overwhelmed.

Rised at 5 am, skipped the walk.

Today was not the most productive tbh, I have a couple of tasks I keep procrastinating, but I set a hard due date for myself tomorrow by 8 am to get them done. Otherwise, met with my team for a project and worked on it.

Skipped my walk, woke up at 5 am.

Today, I worked on an article draft, worked on my non-profit idea and took up my OCCET project with @noemiepound, Gabriel, @nouhaila1f & @victoriasulymaa (worked on the project website), had a math test.

Also checked out @SebastianThrun

Mostly a break, worked on schoolwork started uploading my focus videos online and started a notion document for my idea.

Woke up very late (8 am, I stayed up late finishing up my focus) but went for a walk, so you get a pic of the day
#buildinpublic (Yesterday)

Succeeded in my challenge with @nicolas_gatien to finish a focus in 1 week: 4 articles, 3 videos and 3 projects DONE (spent 60~ hours on it) so now taking a break from my AI focus to focus on schoolwork and start work on a nonprofit idea.

No walk 😭

Today, I finished my voting dapp, had my @theksociety session (about #quantum) started writing an article about sleep, and started another #blockchain project.

And again, no walk, and I will probably not go for a walk tomorrow because I have a LOT of work 😭
#buildinpublic (yesterday)

I was still stuck on my voting dapp, so mostly debugging. Started writing an article, and watched a movie with my family.

Woke up at 5 am, but missed the walk (epic failure). So you get a meme instead...

Finished an article about ERC20 tokens, worked on a voting DApp, having a lot of bugs 😩

Woke up at 5 am, took my walk (but didn't take my phone with me so you get a cat pic instead) and learned some Spanish words on @JoinToucan

Today, I polished my article on DAOs and submitted it to a publication, also deployed my ERC20 token to a test network.

Got back to waking up at 5 am, took my walk, and sent a letter to my future self using @futureme.

Here is the pic of the day.

Today mostly worked on an article about #DAOs, and started making my own #ERC20 token. Also planned my week and had my daily walk.

2022 still looking good 👀

P.S: And there you go, picture of the day from my walk 🥰