Physically recovered from sickness. But, somehow a bit disoriented.🥴

Good news is, I know what to do after my #5Weeks ends.🚀

Thanks, @cathyraffaele, for the needed nudge.😉

#BuildinPublic #NoCode
Playing around with UseStencil & Airtable.

(via Airtable)
I’m more than half-way through my #5Weeks challenge.

What did I learn from the past weeks?

• You can only focus on one thing, in my case, writing stories.

• Everything else is a bonus: Gumroad page, copywriting, marketing, newsletter, etc.

#BuildInPublic #NoCode

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It’s that time again, launching my 3rd product!

Week #3 Product

Friendship Manager, Not just a CRM🚀…

What is it?
• It’s a Notion template to store your contacts. Just like any other CRM, but different.

#5Weeks #BuildInPublic #NoCode

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This is part of my #5Weeks challenge. #BuildInPublic

Week #3 Story “Show your work like you’re interviewing for a job”.

Read in full here:

Instead of snippets, I put the table of contents here since it’s a story, not a report😆 ⤵️
I’m still a newbie writer. Today, I determined I need two days to complete an article, or in my case, “story”.

So, I decided to move my Story release on Tuesdays, instead of Mondays.

Monday to draft, and Tuesday to complete to publish. 60-90 mins each.

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I've been asked how I manage @nocodeasia membership using @airtable. So, I'm gonna add that to this offer.

But only if I can get at least 10 ($15) buyers. Currently, at 3/10. You'll also get the other 4-5 #5Week Products for free.

#nocode #buildinpublic
Alright, time to launch my 2nd product!

Week #2 Product:

🚀Send Weekly Digest with Airtable Automation🚀…

#5Weeks #BuildInPublic

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Can’t believe how much gratitude I have for my #5Weeks challenge.

It impacted greatly on my daily life.

& renewed my love for writing.

I started to:
• Tweet more
• Post more
• Publish my first newsletter

Who wld’ve thought, right?
Oh, I started to sell too!

Alright, time to launch my 2nd product!

Week #2 Product:

🚀Send Weekly Digest with Airtable Automation🚀…

#5Weeks #BuildInPublic

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This is part of my #5Weeks challenge. #BuildInPublic

Week #2 Story “How did we organize our first online event?”.

Read in full here:

P/s Still not fully recovered from tiredness. But the show must go on.

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Had my first sale this morning! First time everr on Gumroad!😭 #BuildInPublic

Thanks Bhanu @pbteja1998 for the kind gesture & support!🥰

Some might say, “Well, he’s a friend”. I know, the “Mom Test” thing. But that’s not what #5Weeks is all about.

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Oh boy, the time has come!

My 1st product launch!🚀

Week #1 Product - 10K Digital Napkin

#5Weeks #BuildInPublic

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This is part of my #5Weeks challenge. #BuildInPublic

Week #1 Story “Building a $10K team from scratch”.

Read in full here:

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Panicked a little as I haven't started writing my first story for #5Weeks challenge. Then, I opened up @centered_app, set for 60 mins, and started writing.

Completed the draft, I think I'm good to publish it tomorrow as scheduled. Phew.💦

“I bet you never see me selling any kind of products or even myself.”

Read the story here, & the reason behind #5Weeks challenge:

I’ve tried to compress it into a thread, but it doesn’t feel me. So, yeah. Hope you like it.😉

#BuildInPublic #MentalHealth
I'm going to start a #5Weeks challenge tomorrow, 13th July 2022.

5 Stories + 5 Products in 5 weeks (555).

I'll be:
1. Writing & posting a story.
2. Building a product (as accompaniment to the story).
3. Launching them on Twitter. #BuildInPublic
Every single week.

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What’s the ‘triple5’ aka 555 mean?
It’s 5 Stories with 5 Products in 5 Weeks.

3 simple tasks every single week for 5 weeks:
1. Writing & publishing 1 story
2. Build & launch 1 accompaniment micro product to the story
3. Promote it on Twitter, #buildinpublic #triple5

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No more Twitter Threads?

Then, that’s good news, right?

Will this change everything? Your plans, etc.

How about #buildinpublic crowd, are you liking this?…
I’m having issues with @NotionHQ on the browser. It crashes everytime I open a page.

So I decided to install the desktop app, together with @queue_so for desktop.

If you can see this tweet, means the Queue scheduler is working. Hooray!

More #buildinpublic tweets & posts soon!
If you do it right by #buildinpublic & joining a community, it helps. No fluffs, just making new friends.

A disclaimer; you can't expect your new friends to collaborate with you immediately. It'll take time to build that trust.

So I had a talk with a few good friends today. About aligning our goals or plans, so we can help each other. No extra burden to what we already have.

Great to have that support system among internet friends.

#tweet100 #buildinpublic