i feel like i found a good way to do code challenges with @vitest_dev and @stackblitz

- use concurrently to run both vite + vitest as your sb project dev
- write vitest output to json
- read file using sb vm sdk and parse json
- add animation drip


a little @nuxt_js content idea i'm playing around with

I updated LearnVue to @nuxt_js 3 and Nuxt Content a couple weeks ago.

My favorite part by far is how easy it is to create interactive examples using MDC.

Anybody interested in a blog post with my some of my many thoughts on this?

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I'm highly debating posting my entire 20 minutes of stumbling over my words when trying to record a 2-3 minute video.

I've never heard anything more accurate than the phrase "1 minute of video is 1-2 hours of editing"

but new video tomorrow! 🤝

I have so many ideas on how to improve my tutorials with Nuxt Content.

For me, a big part of understanding "why should I do things a certain way" is learning why the alternatives don't work.

And I much rather just have demos than try to explain things.

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Got custom code blocks working in Nuxt Content, after reading @Mokkapps article!

And added line numbers with a CSS counter-increment (didn't know this was a thing until 5 minutes ago lol)

Interactive Vue challenges with @stackblitz webcontainers?

I'm liking this idea...could even make Nuxt, Vitest, etc and other really useful education tools.

Just posted that new Vue video I talked about yesterday.

Wanna see a use case for < teleport > that's NOT a modal?

Here's the first minute...
#vuejs #buildinpublic
👀 Playing around with some ideas to combine Nuxt Content with the idea of in-browser Vue Challenges -

It's working sooooo that's a start.

May 2021 - I remember taking this screenshot because I was excited to get 140 views on a video.

May 2022 - My most recent video has over 10K views in a single week.

Still small compared to where I want to take LearnVue, but huge in terms of growth. 🙂

Imported some Google Analytics over to Plausible to prepare for some changes coming soon 📩 .

Check out all the analytics from LearnVue's 2.5 years:…

How often do you check analytics (website, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

I feel like I've been checking them a little too much recently...

Another peak behind the curtain at some of the work I'm doing on LearnVue+ 👀

i started playing around with the vueuse/motion library i'm loving it so far.

the nuxt 3 module is incredibly easy to work with.

shoutout @yaeeelglx for making this! 💚

THANK YOU. Hitting 12,000 subscribers (8K in the last 5 months) is insane to me. if you're interested 😉

A sneak peek at a tool I'm working on to help you learn @vuejs 😱