#buildinpublic D13 🔥
i was SO productive today, got over my depressive slump and forced myself to GSD. tough but happy i did so.
- went to an insightful session about venture capital
- got HALF my IoT enabled soil moisture sensor done
- was able to FIO what to do for Poseidon
#buildinpublic D12
- GOT INTO ACTIVATE (next level at TKS)
- figured out some stuff to make a company in mind real
- finally woke up early, been trying for days #compounding lol
- took care of my new fig tree
- figured out some of my “road trip details” code for java at school
#buildinpublic D11
took a massive break today, “caught up” on my sleep (read an article that said you cant actually catch up to sleep, tbh i forgot what it said though i have to find it again, it’s rlly cool i’ll share it when i find it)
- actually caught up to all my homework
#buildinpublic D10
and, the SATs weren’t too bad actually..
unbelievably tired so no more typing rn, but i’m so happy rn
#buildinpublic D9
- studied for the sats
- revised my deck and practised for the presentation of my teams moonshot challenge work tmrw
- slept
two very big things tmrw/ the SATs in the morning, then immediately after, presenting for the moonshot challenge 😅
(pray for me)
#buildinpublic D8
today my team and i successfully submitted a one pager, video, presentation deck, article, and website for our moonshot project. we built Poseidon, the company that aims to restore the oceans natural ability to sink upto 80% carbon emissions by helping coral!!
#buildinpublic D7
- got the article 100% done
- finished a one pager w/ my team
- filmed parts for a pitch video
- wrote a paper on fuel cells
- learned how to use WordPress and edited a website with my team
busy busy busy
#buildinpublic d6 (skipped the weekend + eid monday)
- birthday today lol
- finished the moonshot article (just edits left)
- set up to finish the one pager tmrw
- did SAT practice
- started and finished a massive honours project in chem
- bought a fig tree
hectic week (3 days)
#buildinpublic d5
- finished half of an article
- caught up with an old friend 🤞🏼
- started making my resume to apply for a hackathon
- starting to build a website w my moonshot team 👀
- was very very time efficient today!!
looking forward to tmrw :)
#buildinpublic d4
i mainly had basic (not fun to hear abt) work, i’ll talk abt my interesting insight today:
- having to work on school work was easier but made me want to procrastinate/whine more than the harder/in-depth work on the coral project i’m doing
- i get to > have to
#buildinpublic d3
- had the coolest meeting with @reef_ball 🪸 so inspired by their genuine love for what they do (i LOVE oceanic stuff btw)
- successfully stayed on task and got things done (NO procrastinating)
- did SAT prep (current main priority)
i’m happy with my work today
#buildinpublic day 2
less i got done but more that i’m doing, still productive by compounding. i did however miss my SAT prep 😨
- wrote a chunk for an important article
- laid out my next steps for two goals I have
- had a big talk with my mom about the future
- read articles
#buildinpublic day 1! heavily inspired by @SharanaSabesan to do so ☺️
- set up a meeting with ReefBall to talk abt artificial coral 🪸
- stayed ahead of my schedule and worked out 💪
- worked hard on my sat prep, seeing results (test on may 7th😨)
looking forward to tomorrow 🥳