The best thing about the indie community on Twitter is learning from a melting point of founders with different perspectives on how to build a startup.

Lots of us don't agree on many things, but it's always amicable and generates informative content.

It looks like @elonmusk is going full #buildinpublic indie solopreneur with Twitter.

Fire everyone then ship features straight to prd without unit tests.

Are we just testing things in production now, @Twitter?
I added this pixar style to to my ai graphics startup

Most of my work time on this over the past few days has been fixing bugs arising from shipping so fast which is must less exciting 😂

Added a credits plan to based on Twitter feedback

5 free credits on signup then 1 credit = 1 image

$10 for 150 credits
$20 for 250
$30 for 1,000
$50 for 2,000

I bought and expanded my ai startup idea to generate different types of graphics (not just logos)

Right now, I'm testing lots of different graphic types to see where the demand is then I'll focus on the ones in high demand

I'd like to experiment with acquiring a micro SaaS. Something with traction, but the product needs a lot of work.

Perhaps a 2023 #buildinpublic project 😍
It's easy to #buildinpublic when things are going well. Much harder when things aren't.
@dagorenouf I’ve been thinking recently that #buildinpublic might be another form of toxic social media comparison.

I like sharing & reading learnings but I stopped sharing my own monetary metrics months ago.
#BuildInPublic shouldn't all be sunshine and lollypops.

Here's an old story from the archives at my last company when we got scammed and were laundering money from stolen credit cards.…
I want to write a blog post about all the awesome SEO stuff I’ve learned recently but copycats be copying 😅

This is a real danger of #BuildInPublic - your business insights are sacred and sharing them publicly can be dangerous.