Drop a🔥and your project link, and I’ll roast it.

Playing around with an AD concept. What do you think? #buildInPublic
I started in 2018. In a few years, dozens of copycats started cropping up. Be careful when you #buildinpublic. Build your moat early.
I always recommend founders to take a day off, work 4 hours a day and #buildinpublic. Reduces competition  😂
The #indiehackers community feels like an office.

On a shared mission, to never go to an actual office again.

Twitter is like water-cooler talk for us.

And #buildinpublic is showing management our work.

If you don't get MRR, you get fired.
Thought I was almost done with the frontend, ready to work on the backend, and then realized I forgot an entire section.

There goes the day. #buildinpublic
Nothing line deleting hundreds of lines of code by introducing the right abstraction

#buildinpublic #indiehacker