I find that if my desk is a mess then my head is a mess as well -> No meaningful progress can be made.

Anyone else has experienced the same?

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Adam is building something cool and would like to hear more from Agency owners and freelancers. Reach out to him if you are one or know anyone.

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Are there any freelancers or agency owners that would like to chat about the industry?
This is AMAZING! @pmwizard_app App made by @ivryb makes creation of App requirements, SWOT analysis, Feature Requirements, etc. 100 times FASTER. In the video I created Lean Canvas for Gmail CRM

Try it out for free:

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What do you do when you set yourself goal too ambitious and get stuck?

Asking for a friend :)

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That was quick! 15 minutes later got banned from the group for SPAM! πŸ™ˆ

But still got one signup! πŸ˜ƒ

Let's move on!

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Second community - Different Market (Country) Telegram group focused on the topic of business. this time 2500 members.

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First community results - 24 hours later we have TWO! Signups!
To be honest, I expected a better results but will iterate and try again. Will go for different type of groups and will make the messaging more concise and simple.

Any suggestions where should I try?

Question to Tailwind CSS users. Do you use any other tools/libraries/component frameworks together with it? If so, which ones?

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First community - Local E-Commerce Telegram group with more than 1000 users. Sent out the message today, and will wait until tomorrow before evaluating the results.

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Landing page - Created a simple landing page using @ConvertKit to show a product demo, collect name, email and expected use case.

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Message - In each community I will be writing a personalised message explaining how the product could help and offer them to use the application for free forever in exchange for feedback.

Send me a DM to see how my full message looks like.

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Goal - Reach out to Different online communities (Telegram, Facebook, Discord, Slack etc.) to find Beta users.

Do you have any groups in mind that would make sense to reach out to? Send me a message!

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Running my first cold outreach campaign for Gmail CRM!

πŸ‘‡More details bellow:

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How can we improve as a community and provide a support to each other in meaningful ways?

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How I see the Indie Community failing in my personal experience and experiment.
Here is the blog post:
If you are a builder at 0$ MRR - reach out to @outofsigma he will make sure that it is not the case anymore. (As long as your project does not mention NFTs 😁)

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Am I too late for Jake Smith jokes? πŸ˜‚ #indiehackers
Right now I ask for "how much they would pay" to different potential user groups and focus on users who see the biggest value for them (are willing to pay the most)

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@thinkcler @sanlavdenizcan Well, I actually got the idea to ask about how much they would pay from @krisbuildsstuff.

And it was more about seeing how much a person thinks they would value a service/product. So that you can see whether they would actually be willing to pay and whether you are going in the……
To share & connect!

First picture my 11 year old account - I only used Twitter for consumption. No direction.
Second picture - My account - Been on Twitter for 43 Days this time with a clear direction, made more than 30 meaningful connections!

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Why are you on Twitter? What's the main goal? If it's to gain followers, what's the purpose of that?
This is AMAZING! Check out by @faahim01

In this example I used two filters to only show me tweets with less than 2 replies and from users who's DMs are open.

Best is that you can customize it however you wish!

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If you need anything - go ahead, reach out and ASK for it! The worst thing that can happen is you can get a no. But you will be surprised how far you can get.

What do you need? Ask in comments πŸ‘‡ and respond to others requests if you can help with it.

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