If you need anything - go ahead, reach out and ASK for it! The worst thing that can happen is you can get a no. But you will be surprised how far you can get.

What do you need? Ask in comments πŸ‘‡ and respond to others requests if you can help with it.

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Had a chat with @outofsigma today and he asked me: What are your weaknesses and what do you think you are missing? This was my answer.

Thanks @outofsigma for your time and input!

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Buy now before price goes up to 128$

When product launches it will cost 49$/Month!

I Bought it because I see potential that @outofsigma experience in this field could turn into a tool which can help SaaS business to find their customers!

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After @krisbuildsstuff saved the day on going in for @Quividata at $32, it's now $64.

It's going to be harder and hard to keep the streak going. :D

Who's the next hero?
More info on:
well, actually not so much really 🀣 (not yet)…
After chatting with @outofsigma I had to go for it and buy @Quividata

If you are SaaS builder You should check it out and have a chat with Oos before the deal is over! In a few hours the price will go up to 64 USD!

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Thanks to everyone who took part in this! So many great insights from fellow builders! Join @buildshowntell next week!

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We did it! Build, show, and tell #4 was a success! πŸŽ‰πŸ’»

Thanks @krisbuildsstuff for presenting! πŸ’‘

We're going to ramp up promotion & innovate the format, so join our discord to join the next show and stay updated πŸ‘₯:

#buildinpublic @buildshowntell
To hype it little more (and also confuse πŸ˜…) here is little sneak peak of tomorrow's presentation.

Visuals made using @bing image creator

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Excited to be hosting the 4th iteration of Build, show & tell in 24 hours' time! ⏰

This time @krisbuildsstuff is presenting! πŸ’»

This is a great opportunity to provide feedback or learn from the #buildinpublic community! πŸ’‘

DM me for details! πŸ“¨

It is happening this Wednesday and you do not want to miss it! Send DM to learn more how to join.

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Build, show & tell #4 is coming up this Wednesday at 7PM CEST.

The receiver of our friendly toast will be @krisbuildsstuff and the host will be @TheWeb3Cat this time.

Wanna join, but not signed up yet? DM us and we will send our sign-up form.

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COMPETITION TIME! First person that guesses what domain I just bought in the comments bellowπŸ‘‡wins 127 Memes with the face of your choice from made by @dannypostmaa
You can guess as many times as you like. Good luck :)

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Join us this Wednesday for The fourth #buildshowandtell where I will be presenting what I am up to! DM @gyulanemeth85 to join!

So, I'm having calls with more and more people from the #buildinpublic community. Now, I just hanged up with @krisbuildsstuff . We originally wanted to talk for half an hour about his #buildshowandtell presentation, but we ended up brainstorming for 90 minutes. πŸ˜ŽπŸš€πŸ”₯
#buildinpublic and you will not build alone. My first month has been a huge success and has overtaken all expectations I had!

- Let the world know what are you up to
- Help others
- Magic happens! πŸͺ„

The best part of #buildinpublic that you actually have a huge team, youΒ don't build alone.

πŸ‘‰ This way, @krisbuildsstuff and @jimmyk2084 gave me precious advices in my research approaches.
πŸ‘‰ Then @aliszu sent me a competitor's product IΒ missed, which IΒ consider as main one……
Make videos of your product! So far my most successful way of finding potential users!

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@krisbuildsstuff Thank you Kris - it's awesome how you created this video of your product like a digital asset that you can keep on using for marketing.

A real builder in public over here. Hope people find you and follow!
Reminder to self:

- We are playing the long game
- Do not worry about things you cannot change
- Enjoy the ride

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Always welcome!

Have you helped other builders? Please share how and if not share how you could help others!

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Profile Audit Landing Page is pretty much done 🀩

@krisbuildsstuff provided great feedback to ensure clarity!

Helping me hone the page more.

Thank you, Kris!
It is so important to get your mind clear over a long stretch of work with some physical activity. That brings so much clarity. For me it is bouldering, what about you?

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Keep healthy while you build your wealthy! πŸ’ͺ
Anyone out there who needs an extra hand? @axmacinsky has built with @uiwithai and will help you build your project!

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I am actually looking for a job 🀣

TypeScript React/Full-Stack Developer.

Anyone hiring?

It was nice to work on my own stuff for the past 4 months. But I am very far from ramen profitability.

I updated my CV today.

PS: This is not a good-bye

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Yesterday took part in #buildshowandtell second event. It is was super insightful and I encourage everyone join participate as well!

Three rules:
Build stuff
Show your progress
Tell feedback and how you can help them

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Comment with:
- ❀️ if you like the idea
- πŸ’© if you don't
- πŸ€ͺ if you like emojis

I am sure you've got awesome skills and you want to help others who struggle with them!

The idea?
A web app for #buildinpublic folks connecting people who want to learn new skills with those who……
Great summary from @thinkcler about customer discovery calls.

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Monday, had a call with @krisbuildsstuff. Reached him as he might fit as target audience for my SaaS.

Best thing, he had corrected me in my interview approach πŸ€”

I've been talking too many details about product before ask respondents about their needs. This is why it's bad ‡️
Please welcome @zasperian to #buildinpublic community!
I have had an honor to know @zasperian for a while and I am super excited to see where his builder journey takes him. Please give him a follow and send some words of encouragement!

Django Ninja by @vital1k Is Amazing. I have been using it for several years and It together with Django and Pydantic makes a Super powerful combo for building APIs.

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Thank you @krisbuildsstuff for introducing me to Django Ninja! πŸ₯·

Just moved over my models over and it's looking much cleaner ✨