Applying @htmx_org to my project for dynamic updates.

Really liking the ease of use here.

This library simplified a lot of things for me today!

It is not much but I am super stoked to have a working pipeline generator.

Syntax is for debugging and updates only happen when you refresh the page.

But it works and if it works I can always make it better.

I was going to use Tailwind but opted for Bootstrap because I knew it.

Well, not this! Let me save you the 2 hours.

If you are using a <textarea/> in a form the rows attr will be ignored.

Unless you do this:

It's dumb. It's CSS.

I have started migrating toward a more DOM-like API.

It makes sense. I am building up a doc of sorts.

Need to see how far to take this.

I've streamlined creating blocks and actions (I think so anyway).

Created a custom CLI to load the database.

I am using YAML to define the content and EFCore for updates.

This allows me to think in terms of the content and how it relates.

I did not want to string together SQL to build a release.

I am not gonna lie. is a valuable resource for my projects.

I use it at the beginning and sometimes in the middle when updating tooling.

I rarely think about my .gitignore files anymore.

SQLite as the basis of my static CMS is complete!

YamlDotNet lessons:

- Include a default constructor if you define your own
- Assign a default value to silence nullability warnings
- Pascal casing rename doc elements to match

I know Java packages are really a directory structure.

In C# they are logical and defined by the developer.

JetBrain Riders seems to want to follow the Java pattern.

Me? I like to have multiple classes in a file and the namespaces don't map.

Console app in C#?

- System.CommandLine - too many lambdas & DragonFruit anyone?
- McMaster - good but retired
- ManyConsole - appears abandoned

+1 Spectre.Console

It supports command composition w/ sub-commands.

Dependency injection is janky but manageable.

"I thought you were using Visual Studio Code for this project?"

I started by using Emacs w/o a debugger so I moved to VSCode to get that.

I got tired of editing the launch.json file.

Rider finds all of the configs (there will be more) and I have a debugger.

Making sure the SQLite database exists. Just pass in the connection string.

Callling `DbContext.Database.EnsureCreated()` makes the file for SQLite and the tables.

I don't know about indexes yet. The project is so small I don't it matter ... until it does.

I got in the habit a long time of creating separator bars in comments.

I use it to break up by scope.

It makes it tons easier to zip through code scrolling or with the minimap.

Blocks of code are clearly delimited.

There are failures along the way in the quest to avoid shiny new objects.

Mistakes were made.

I downloaded JetBrains Rider to see how it handled my perfectly crafted repository.

I've been tracking development tasks on index cards.

Frankly it was a dumb idea and I'm surprised I made it this far.

GitHub Issues are fine but I started looking at Projects.

Wrote a command line interface to create my SQLite file.

Running `doa db init --seed` to get started.

I am just running CREATE TABLE statements for now.

Data management is the worst. I hate SQL. Never been very good at it.

Read up on the Repository and DAO patterns today.

I don't want to learn something new, for an MVP, but Entity Framework may be the way. That is tomorrow's task.

One of the reasons I am using SQLite is I don't want to manage a db server.

I also don't want to write SQL to populate all of my data.

So, I am writing some of the textual data in YAML files, parsing, and populating the db using a simple CLI I wrote.

It's never too soon to build out your monetization strategy.

I don't have the following to put out a Stripe payment link and a landing page yet.

There is SEO content sites. There is SaaS.

Have the two ever been combined?

I have seen far too many team struggle with automation at the end of a project.


Issue #1 in repo is "Initial CI/CD bootstrap"

The shell of the app is running so I need to build and containerize it!

I was looking into using Areas for my ASPNet Razor app.

It worked like a champ in MVC to logically seperate functions.

Sources online are pointing to folders to get the same effect (and with less complexity).

How about I do something less complex for a change!