I built a prototype with to demo how you can show different youtube videos with a select input. Check it out!… #nocode #buildinpublic #saas
Is this what #marketing is for #buildinpublic? Just hashtagging the living daylights out of my posts in the hopes some bots retweet and follow me?
Created and posted our first screencast/tutorial
Youtube video:…
Blog Post:…

First of more to come. We're hellbent on proving why keenforms is forms made smarter. #buildinpublic
Tip for devs building a web app - if you use a honeypot to prevent bots from submitting forms, make sure the name of your honeypot is anything but "honeypot". Changed the name of my honeypot 3 days ago, and bots form submissions has dropped 100% #buildinpublic #developers
Testing new content for marketing, would love feedback;

"Build Smarter Data Driven Dynamic Forms with No Code Rules Engine with Keenforms" #buildinpublic
Ok #buildinpublic - Keenforms is a Form Builder with a No Code Rules Engine. I built it because other form builders fall short, they don't do conditional calculations or validations, and they don't give you control over the order of operations.
One of the things I like about working from home in quarantine - writing and deploying code before I start my real job #buildinpublic
So how do you get on the #buildinpublic bandwagon? It seems like Keenforms would be a good candidate.