@TomerShay_ Hey Tomer, 👏 What an amazing comment history on your post. You hit a nerve ... 👍

I'm Karsten, working on @PicasiApp. We're trying to #buildinpublic but struggling, to be honest. Trying to learn from all the role models out there.

Love the style of your posts!
We just switched our site to @elemntor's hosting.

The first impression: It's wow fast!

These are Google's PageSpeed Insights for mobile.
Yesterday, @MeetKevon recommended @monicalent regarding #buildinpublic.

We wonder how to integrate a technical perspective into our communication. So we signed up for her 7-day email course about effective blogging for developers at

Let's do it!
We target solopreneurs and small teams.

Small teams can be found in large corps, too.

Now, I'm contacting corporates to find out if co-creation could be a good way for them to get a solution and for us to earn money on the way.

Any experience you can share?


A "unified inbox".

You set up a company/contact.

Then access their website updates, tweets, email newsletters, ... other digital communication ALL IN ONE INBOX.

Does that idea resonate with you? I'd appreciate your thoughts.

@MeetKevon The differentiator is scalability:

You can only scale if you help in your own domain with your content - like #buildinpublic.

Helping people in their domain with their specific problems can build relationships but will hardly ever scale - like classic consulting.
We're just two founders #bootstrapping our way forward. We hope this change will help us get more clarity into our decision-making without making it too complicated.

Do you have experiences you can share with us? What would you do differently? How can we improve?