We target solopreneurs and small teams.

Small teams can be found in large corps, too.

Now, I'm contacting corporates to find out if co-creation could be a good way for them to get a solution and for us to earn money on the way.

Any experience you can share?


A "unified inbox".

You set up a company/contact.

Then access their website updates, tweets, email newsletters, ... other digital communication ALL IN ONE INBOX.

Does that idea resonate with you? I'd appreciate your thoughts.

@MeetKevon The differentiator is scalability:

You can only scale if you help in your own domain with your content - like #buildinpublic.

Helping people in their domain with their specific problems can build relationships but will hardly ever scale - like classic consulting.
We're just two founders #bootstrapping our way forward. We hope this change will help us get more clarity into our decision-making without making it too complicated.

Do you have experiences you can share with us? What would you do differently? How can we improve?