Just started UI work on cvGPT and it's all coming together piece by piece! #buildinpublic
made some exciting progress on cvGPT!

It now generates impressive CVs that users can customize as needed. easily copy/paste them into Google Docs or Copy them to Clipboard πŸš€

#buildinpublic #GPT4
πŸš€ Working on a new project!

I'm building cvGPT - a tool that generates custom CVs using GPT-4. Excited to see how it turns out!

#GPT4 #buildinpublic
πŸŒ• Dark Mode is now live on @prettyfolioo πŸŽ‰

Thanks, @chakra_ui for making it easier to add dark mode to the application.

A little update to @prettyfolioo:

I have optimized the meta data for SEO, so now if you share the link, a card will be displayed. The same applies to individual sub-pages.

a little win ✨
I have secured the domain prettyfolio .com for my new project @prettyfolioo πŸŽ‰

Small steps every day πŸ’ͺ

#buildinpublic 🚧
made a little progress with @prettyfolioo

βœ… Homepage is mostly done
βœ… branding is complete
βœ…added some portfolio websites

if you want yours to be featured then DM @prettyfolioo.

4. #buildinpublic

try to tweet about the projects you are working on, you are probably going to find so many suggestions and people in the developer community are always there for helping you out.