It is all about building that core community and taking care of them.

The rest will work itself out.

It's like "compound interest".

Not only the idea, but the execution.

Best makers can take projects from vision to execution.

Execute, execute ...

Remember that you are always selling to people.

B2C = selling directly to people.

B2B = selling to people that work at a company.

Even in big companies, there is someone in the other side.

Don't sell a product or service.

Sell your vision.

Sell values.

Marketing is all about showing value. About telling stories.

Don't waste someone's time and you'll have an engaged user.

Do it consistently and you'll have a fan.

Do it for years and you'll have a customer for life.

If you want to be a great marketer, you need to be a great storyteller.

People are landing in your app, but not using it at all.

Want to improve the usage and engagement?

My advice. Create a clear and good onboarding experience.

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Start with a specific problem a group of people face.

Then build an app around it.

Remember: Feel passion to help those people with the problem.

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Looking for app ideas ?

Check out Facebook Groups, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Live events for inspiration.

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Want to increase engagement and conversion.

Make sure to add screenshots of what your app looks like.

Users need to be able to visualize expectations before they decide to use.

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The hardest part in the early stage of business is to find the first customers.

My strategy is to run a beta program.

Keep engaging with beta users to get the first 10 customers.

It's worth the effort!

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Want to find "good" keywords and improve your SEO strategy.

Check all the keywords used by your competitors.

Check what keywords they have in common.

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Nothing is more important than market. Find your niche first and then build.
The best makers build a community, or a network, or a tribe first. Then, the build the product.
How to become an indie hacker by building in public.

- Pick a niche
- Post quality content (Tweets, blogs)
- Build and grow your audience
- Promote your products

Making money online is a marathon not a sprint.

Go for the long run. Start right now.

One benefit to building in public is that your sense of risk is lower.

There is an implicit understanding between you and your audience that you're figuring things out as you go down the road.

Start building your products today, maker !

Making money online is no longer a choice.

It's a necessity.

When building your product:
- experiment with different ideas
- try new things and technologies
- connect the dots and see what happens next.

Building and growing your product is a marathon and not a sprint.
It takes time. The juice is worth the squeeze
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