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Should I start doing SEO from the very beginning or later on in the growth stage of the product?

Ideas here, Thanks.
If you want to create a successful startup, you need to focus on your early adopters.

They are the ones who will help you transform your product into a success.

Getting your first 10 customers is the hardest part on your business journey.

You have to manually find them and onboard them one by one.

It's time consuming but it's worthwhile.

You'll learn a lot about their pains.

You'll build the right product.

Early product successful is not tied to the product itself.

It lies in how well you can:
- listen to your early adopters
- understand their goals
- help them reach these outcomes
- build a product that simplify their journey to their goals

#buildinpublic Most people in your community will never buy from you, but they will share my work and help you reach more people.
I hope that's true for the community I'm planning to build
Nothing is more important than market. Find your niche first and then build.
Building a business is very hard. Not starting today is worse.
I think we are in the beginning of something called "creator economy"
Every relationship starts with trust. So, building trust is the first step for building audience.
I need to start writing a lot about the problem domain my product expects to solve
If you build your audience first, you don't have to worry about discovering and building your next product
#tips One benefit to building in public is that your sense of risk is lower because there is an implicit understanding between you and your audience that you're figuring things out as you go.
A community is the place you go to listen to other people.
It is where you find the idea for your products.
Without it, you are simply guessing.
Any experience on Telegram or Discord.
#seo #tips If you get analysis paralysis while trying to find keywords, just enter a keyword related to your business and Google will hand you a list of suggestions.
"People also ask" and "Related searches" are great options
"What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand." Xunzi
Start building today
To create recurring revenue, you need to identify and solve a recurring problem.

Start by doing things manually.

Build and optimize your process.

Then, automate it. And turn it into a SaaS.

Segmentation is a critical part of understanding your customers.

But it's not enough to just slice and dice your data.

You need to understand what each segment wants and needs.

Segment your customers and figure out what they want. Don't make assumptions - listen to them and iterate quickly.

Don't get attached to your ideas - move fast and pivot quickly based on feedback from your potentials customers!

I've learned the hard way that we need to consider carefully your market.

Picking the wrong one can kill your startup.

Make sure your market is growing, there are unserved customers, and it's big enough to be worth your time.

Customer segmentation is important for startups to focus on.

Don't try to talk to everyone, or you'll learn nothing!

Slice down and find their goal and how they do their stuff.

Not found your target market for your product?

The best way to find it is to keep slicing down your customer segment into smaller pieces.

Keep slicing until you can reach them directly and can have good conversations with them.