Don't mind me, just silently #buildinpublic @GetMakerlog rebuild beta.

How ya'll doing?
This is a call to all followers of mine:

I’m following back anyone who does #buildinpublic and is a user on @getmakerlog.

If this is you, please reply to this with what you’re building in public and I’ll follow you back!
Today I did some cleanup/refactoring in the codebase for @getmakerlog beta, then started designing the email templates. Here’s an example in dark/light. #buildinpublic
I've built in public for 🔥7 consecutive days on @getmakerlog! 💪
Finished the first version of the @getmakerlog beta sign up page. Got some tweaks to do yet, but I’m happy with it. #buildinpublic
I wanted to get the new landing page up before I publicly committed to this deadline, but then I’d be slacking and giving myself reason to not commit to the deadline, so I committed to the deadline by tweeting out the deadline. #buildinpublic #makersneakpeek
Good Wednesday morning, Makers!

What’s blocking you today? Are you stuck on anything? How are you doing? #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
Makers, I am curious… Show me your work area. Whether a laptop at a coffee shop or a full blown battle station, I want to see where badass products are made!

I’ll go first. Here’s my desk.

#buildinpublic #makersneakpeek #buildinginpublic
Good Tuesday morning, Makers!

What are we building today? #buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
Noticing a lot of people talking about #buildinpublic movement being too focused on only sharing success.

Today, I’m going to go against the grain and start sharing success AND failures.
Do I #buildinpublic if the product is super localised?

It will likely never be posted on PH, HN, IH, etc
I may have spent a little too much time on this, but it's the little details that always get me. @primcloudhq #makersneakpeek #buildinpublic
@IndieHackers Make sure to use the tags #makersneakpeek and #buildinpublic to reach a wider audience :)