Voy paso a paso. Desde que mudé el contenido a @gumroad, he facturado +$500 #buildinpublic

¿Qué hago? Ayudo a traders serios a operar futuros 🇺🇸 de manera rentable.

Y todo lo que facturo desde este side hustle ➡️ directo a la cartera indexada 📈
@3Metalic @jordiobdotcom Ya, bueno, está bien compartir los logros y el #buildinpublic, quizá ahora hay más facilidades para publicar este tipo de posts que pueden aportar, en mayor o menor medida, a alguien que quiera seguir el camino que alguien ya ha caminado o que está varios pasos por delante.
My business ✨Produitte, growing without my full dedication is the best feeling.

Open stats on real-time top locations traffic and the current quarter user sessions.

Milestone achieved! 🚀

More than 100,000 page views on the last 30 days for Produitte ✨

#buildinpublic #goals
Today, important milestone achieved for Produitte✨ 1st customer publishing a senior product designer job offer!!

And that without launching yet 🙏 Proving there's a problem Produitte is solving and that there's demand for UX & product design roles!

#buildinpublic #publicwins
Love the power of internet and how something you do at your room can provide value to any corner of the world.

I notice a lot the time zones, now Europe and Asia are awake 😂

Couldn’t be the only builder/founder that is happier building than launching. Is like I’m having fun in the process more than in the outcome.

Maybe my thing is building and selling than taking care of the product once built 🤔

Common feeling? #buildsell30 #buildinpublic
In the last 30 days I've received more than 70K page views on Produitte.

Now companies looking to post a job can check the last stats directly on the page and expect how many top designers' eyes are going to consider their job offers 👀

#buildinpublic #SaaS #uxdesign
• User posts content and publish

In a summary, that's it.

Right now I'm using @webflow and it's amazing but I cannot do what I want only with it.

#NoCode #buildinpublic #SaaS #help
Thinking on slogans/ad copy for Produitte:

Talent is scarce.
Attracting talent is hard.
Don’t waste time chasing it.
Make talent come to you.

#buildinpublic #Marketing #SaaS #startup
Design Board Features TO DO list:
☑︎ Resources page (WIP)
☐ Job description detail page
☐ Design career path guidelines page
☐ Email subscription automation
☐ Pricing plans

As an advocate of open stats I like sharing the revenue of my digital projects for the last 30 days:

💵 $12,040.59

Last days of December I had a spike of conversions that I’m trying to replicate.

Isn’t only #buildinpublic but #profits in public.
Although I launched last week designboardxyz ✨ I'm still publishing new features in parallel.

Today I've added an "hours/day timer" for all the job posts so designers can know for how long and how new is the job offer.

Facturación de de lo que llevo de Agosto 👉 +$8200💵

Voy a ir compartiendo todos los datos de mis proyectos online. #buildinpublic Esta es la facturación del primer día tras publicar la nueva web →

Las primeras 8 ventas 🎉🍾
Seguimos compartiendo de manera totalmente transparente nuestro camino hacia el millón 💸🏁 #buildinpublic

Estos son las cifras de facturación del último mes en el acumulado de mis negocios, principalmente con la venta online de productos digitales.
📈 Summary 2020 (first year) selling infoproducts online: €14K total.

🎯 Next goal for 2021: €14K monthly = €168K 💪

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic #Revenue
Lo que trajo WallStreetBets fue de locura, personalmente este Enero ha sido de mis mejores meses en relación a rentabilidad en los mercados y en disfrutar aún más de compartir una misma misión en las redes junto a gente enorme 💪