Somehow I still got 6 sig ups yesterday, need to check where they came from.
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Startup day 22 - Coding, this is the result of coding instead of marketing your product actively (User session drop). Today is the last coding day then 4 days Marketing. My designer is doing a really great job and almost done with the landing page.
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Startup day 21 - Coding, today it's coding again to finish version 1. My designer is currently working on the landing page, if it's done I will fire up the marketing campaigns again.

View Live Progress:

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Startup day 19 - Marketing, +246 visitors. My strategy is clearly working but the site must be finished first, itโ€™s not representing the product well, only 4 signups today. Will slow down the campaign tomorrow to focus on branding.
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Startup day 18 - Marketing, apply same strategy as yesterday, with tiny adjustments to the lead generation page
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96 visitors trough my Reddit posts today, strategy seems to be working out quite well. So I will continue doing exactly the same tomorrow.
Now just the Landingpage needs to be improved to convert users.
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Startup day 17 - Marketing, Iโ€™m developing strategies
Reddit is crazy. 100 + Visitors trough just a few post's...
The first 2 days I felt lost on that platform, now I kinda get how the communities there works.
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What do you think?
I'm working on the pricing page. - The Trading Journal that connects you to other traders

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the reality of building a startup, working trough the nights and then knocked out in the mornings haha
looking for a designer to help me with the landing page

Iโ€™m good in UI but need some ideas to design a good landing page.

Might consider a template though

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๐Ÿš€ New Feature:
Import Trades

You can now upload your trades directly into to review your performance.
We currently only support @Tradovate
(.csv) files
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Trading journals always focus on the PNL, also most traders do.
Which is much more important though is to know what you are doing wrong. is build to make traders focus on their process instead of the PNL.
Most Traders don't take journaling serious, they don't view trading as a serious business, they view it more like a game or a gamble. will help traders take it more serious and become profitable.

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Started a small new project to help struggling traders get consistent trough tracking their performance and mistakes. #buildinpublic #startup
The fastest Shop/Checkout is in development.
I have been working on a native JS version since Monday, it completely outperforms the previous VueJS version.
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@jonasatia releasing beta 0.2.0 this friday @

launch your web shop in seconds with purdia