Startup day 34 - We are fast but need to be even faster.

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Startup day 30 - mostly business meetings

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Startup day 28 - Building. Finetuning.
Last few UI improvements until I will run the next marketing campaign to get back into the feedback loop. Goal is to reach 100 sign ups.

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Startup day 27 - Building.
Fixing remaining bugs and UI/UX improvements

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Startup day 26 - Managing.
Tradigro, LLC is now incorporated, need to take care of the next steps now.

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Startup day 25 - Building. Finally working on the main feature of

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Startup day 24 - Building.

I could not have imagined a better collaboration. 13 days from idea to completed design. Clear, fast, goal-oriented communication. If you are looking for a skilled designer, contact @mayordesign

Thanks for the great work

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Startup day 23 - Evaluating.
2.7% Sign up rate (past 7 days) not great, but the current strategy does not even really feature the product yet. Also it's $0 ad spend.
Looking forward to crush next week.

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Somehow I still got 6 sig ups yesterday, need to check where they came from.
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Startup day 22 - Coding, this is the result of coding instead of marketing your product actively (User session drop). Today is the last coding day then 4 days Marketing. My designer is doing a really great job and almost done with the landing page.
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Startup day 21 - Coding, today it's coding again to finish version 1. My designer is currently working on the landing page, if it's done I will fire up the marketing campaigns again.

View Live Progress:

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Startup day 19 - Marketing, +246 visitors. My strategy is clearly working but the site must be finished first, it’s not representing the product well, only 4 signups today. Will slow down the campaign tomorrow to focus on branding.
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Startup day 18 - Marketing, apply same strategy as yesterday, with tiny adjustments to the lead generation page
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96 visitors trough my Reddit posts today, strategy seems to be working out quite well. So I will continue doing exactly the same tomorrow.
Now just the Landingpage needs to be improved to convert users.
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Startup day 17 - Marketing, I’m developing strategies
Reddit is crazy. 100 + Visitors trough just a few post's...
The first 2 days I felt lost on that platform, now I kinda get how the communities there works.
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I'm working on the pricing page. - The Trading Journal that connects you to other traders

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