A good day's work today. From start to end; create a non-Core Jomres plugin. Visit page that scans for non-Core plugins, upload said plugin to app server. Use Plugin Manager to download plugin to a different site. Bob's your mother's brother. #buildinpublic
Roit! Plugins now upload to the endpoint. There's a form that automagically builds the plugin info file. Uploaded plugins can download through the plugin manager. Final thing to do is add a new page where devs can list their plugins and delete them if they want. #buildinpublic
I has a plan. A cunning plan. A plan to allow Jomres users who create their own plugins and upload manifests (or something similar) of those there plugins to a central hub. #buildinpublic
It required creating a handful of new changes to Core, plus updates to both the CMF plugin and it's companion endpoint plugin that are triggered on property add/delete and manager add/update/delete but I'm convinced it was the right way to go. #buildinpublic
Hey, does #buildinpublic include mentioning where I'm being a knucking fumbskull?
Making a start on an ambitious (for me) new calendar for Jomres that allows us to get and set availability. It'll use the CMF API, which is why Jomres 10.7 includes the CMF endpoints plugin by default and I introduced the local tokens class. #buildinpublic