@vuejs route transitions are one quick and easy to improve the vue application. They provide smooth transitions from one page to another, improving the UI. Learn how to implement them into your applications in just 4 minutes.

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Spent some time over the past few days integrating @nuxt_js dynamic interactive components into to the blog. This is an awesome feature to help solidify concepts in an article.

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Touched up the code blocks on the blog to resemble vscode. Really loving the feel & look this adds compared to the default code blocks! @nuxt_js

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Form validation is an essential part of any form. Vuelidate provides a simple, lightweight alternative to writing out excessive lines of javascript to validate your forms for @vuejs.

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New video tomorrow, covering a @vuejs library called Vuelidate. A simple light-weight library to easily add validation to your form fields.

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Form validation made simple with vuelidate! Creating a video on this for Thursday!

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As a frontend developer, i don't dabble around all to much with backend.

@nuxt_js makes it very easy to integrate, when needed. The fact this is all you need to create a simple route to sign up users to a form is just awesome!

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Blog portion of the site is nearly done, working on finalizing a few things with @nuxt_js content v2 & converting some content into articles!

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Nuxt 3 + Content V2 = 💯

Looking forward to releasing the new site soon.

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