Love working with @typedreamHQ because of the impact they make on #startup founders looking to launch FASTER! Highly recommend every #founder looking to launch their first (or 2nd + 3rd) product look into @typedreamHQ as the tool to launch their landing page! #buildinpublic
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Took a little break from posting on twitter, but all for good reasons! Been working on the following:

1⃣ Developing new content about #SaaS, #smallbusiness growth and #startups
2⃣ Building a new product with @EfremEpstein and our growing @thruwaysAI team.

Elon Musk once said, β€œIf you need encouraging words, don’t do a #startup.”

Don't wait on external validation to build a startup. Start now! #buildinpublic
We recently just launched our #TIkTok page for #AtomPay! There are still many lessons to learn and #marketing experiments to launch, but the biggest lesson was how easy it was to run an ad on the platform!
#buildinpublic #Advertising
Tonight, I'm reading @HarvardHBS & @BCGhenderson paper πŸ‘‰ "Building the On-Demand Workforce." Building a #startup is more than just working, it's also learning and building knowledge.

If anybody is curious, πŸ”— here? #buildinpublic
Any #startup founder here create video content on #youtube as a #marketing strategy? What has worked for you? πŸ€” #buildinpublic
Last week, we spent some time tweaking our blog page on #atmopay, looking forward to launching our first newsletter for #freelancers, #sidehustlers and solopreneuers this week!

DM me if you want in! #buildinpublic
I'm going to be in #boston this Wednesday/Thursday. Who should I meet?

#startup #investor #buildinpublic
Our team at @AtomPay_Me is building a database of the ✨best free tools & resources✨ for #freelancers & #sidehustlers!

What are some of the tools you use that should be on this list? πŸ€” #buildinpublic
This is so true! πŸ‘‡ #buildinpublic
Sharing on twitter is like mini startup in itself.

You get to experiment, innovate, learn, and share in public.

This is where you build your brand and develop a community πŸš€
Design can make or break your #startup! It can become your business’ biggest differentiator and a driver for both acquisition and usage.

And it’s not easy! πŸ‘‡ Just seeing @MdNabilAhsan’s archive page was eye opening!
#buildinpublic #atompay…
My archive page for all the @AtomPay_Me designs. I need a second one because Figma starts to lag.
@gamingfordev @ProductHunt I came across this resource a while ago from @foundr !… I have been highly recommending it. #BuildInPublic