I have a lot of projects going right now:
1) as my productized service
2) Rad Automotive Jobs as a new niche job board
3) Current corporate WP clients
4) And many more that I haven't posted about yet 😂

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#buildinpublic update -- quick rebrand and new domain for my Automotive Enthusiasts job board. Went from "Hire Octane Jobs" to "Rad Automotive Jobs".

Felt this name was better for quick recognition of what the site is, and allows for better organic SEO with "automotive jobs"
#buildinpublic update for -- we've got our entire service and offer reworked and relaunching our outbound campaigns this week. We've moved from a one-off site build-out service to monthly unlimited development plans.

#designinpublic #buildinpublic got landing page done minus final spellcheck and QA for V2 of my productized service: GreenlightWP | Unlimited WordPress Development for Agencies

Spent all day off and on tweaking design, trying to get it livened up a bit.

My design chops have been rusty for past few years honestly, but having some fun this AM trying to get some more flair and style put into my landing page for #GreenlightWP

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Build in public update: Spending the morning reworking main offer and messaging for GreenlightWP. Original offer sounds great on paper but isn't producing any calls with current outbound efforts.

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#buildinpublic update on -- LOTS of functionality is done now, custom faceted search, custom post types and taxonomies all setup to best organize Jobs by Type, Skills, & Benefits offered.

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Currently building a small portfolio of directories, job sites & other digital properties. 1st one to launch in the coming weeks will be -- a job board for the aftermarket automotive industry (hot rod shops, performance industry, etc)

#buildinpublic update for GreenlightWP: cold outbound campaigns generated 1 call early on, but has been dead since. Looking like a big change needed in offer, pitch or targeting. My personal network still only source of new projects.

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Using @SearchWP is key for being able to search by custom fields and custom taxonomies for these sites. Building custom Job boards on WP with a simple but custom tech stack: custom post types, ACF, SearchWP & FacetWP

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Just got @FacetWP & @SearchWP to build out search/filtering on my new Job boards I'm building! Excited to be putting together my own solution again like this (it's been a few years since I've used either of these).

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Haven't posted much about it, but I'm taking the "small bets" approach with portfolio of ideas in my co. to supplement the main client services revenue. Working on a couple job sites & directories that I can hopefully grow and monetize as assets.

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#buildinpublic updates: I'm working on 2 new Job Sites, one for aftermarket automotive jobs, and one for WP Jobs/talent. Have been developing and testing WP Job Manager but just ultimately decided to build out a simpler tech stack that requires far less plugins
#buildinpublic update for GreenlightWP (productized service). Outbound email campaigns have been going since July 19, booked one intro call so far from them. Call went great with prospect, verbal commitment to use our service on her next project.
#buildinpublic update for 397digital. Recurring revenue is strong, mainly driven by our corporate accounts. A few thousand a month in small agency work thru #GreenlightWP. Really working hard to launch a few sites that we'll own and monetize thru ads, listings, etc.
My entrepreneur ADHD... Doubting my main offer that we're doing cold outreach for right now... Just looked at the calendar and it's only been 3 weeks. I need to chill 😂😬

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Interesting note about my new core business model being built around doing white-labeled work for other agencies: you end up with not much to show to new prospective customers 😬😂😂

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I spend a lot of time behind my computer creating now, so that someday I don't have to be here so much.
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Spent last hour heads down, email inboxes closed, DND on phone... Focused to zero in on BIG strategy and focus for entire company. It's so easy to get caught up in the business and not focus enough on the real vision for the company
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The flexibility of being a solo operator is ok, but overall it sucks trying to build things by yourself. I'd much rather have an "in-the-trenches" partner to build with
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