Did a Live coding session as a test. Turns out quite well!

Watch from 40:45 on how I implement MarkdownV2 in NotifyXF API…

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The moment when I realize I've created a feature I needed myself and I need more than 2 limits but I can't because I defaulted everyone to 2...

Coming soon: Custom limit for individual users...

[NEW] You can now send individual website uptime notifications to a group. There is still a 2 website limit. DM me if you need more :)

Sometimes in order to further improve/extend a feature, a rewrite is necessary to achieve much more flexibility for the future.

Worth it.

[UPDATES] You will now be allowed to have up to 2 website monitoring entries. DM me if you need more.

Also, Kayla will be able to clue you on the reason in the event pairing failed.

With poor code structure, it's hard to achieve even the simplest things like this.

Spent some time rewriting a new structure and now it's as easy as pie with greater capability!

The trick is to determine what is worth rewriting and what is not

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[UPDATE] You will no longer see web page preview when receiving a notification about website uptime.

Keep it short and sweet. Enjoy!

Making small improvements every day to improve usability. #buildinpublic #indiedev #indiehackers
[UPDATES] Instead of notifying you every minute when your site is down, there will be a 3 minutes interval before updating you again.