The first version of the NPM upgrade tool Upgraderoo 🦘 is out. Check it out at:

Let me know your thoughts!

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Sneak peek of what's coming next week. I'll publish the first version of the NPM tool, which will guide you through the updates.

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You can now set user presence on the schedules. If you set your presence as away, we will automatically reset it back to the default selection once the schedule is completed.
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Creating a recurring schedule that applies for multiple days was a bit cumbersome, so I redesigned the day selection in the wizard. Let me know what you think.

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Added empty state design for workspaces and schedules to make onboarding for new users as easy as possible.

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Sent a quick survey to the Slack Scheduler for Slack ( customers and rewarded the first 15 users that replied with a Pro subscription. Got some great insights!

What are some great questions to ask the first users?

Created new landing page for Status Scheduler for Slack

It’s still pretty minimal in design, but should help users decide if this is the correct app for them with quick features overview, pricing breakdown and client testimonials.

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Added new pricing to the Status Scheduler for Slack app.

Personal has a lot of nifty features with a one-time fee and the team variant has a monthly subscription with an ability to quickly add/remove team members.

Try it out at:
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Status Scheduler for Slack got a new feature: bulk pause, resume or delete schedules 🎉
Try it out at
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I’m building Status Scheduler for Slack web app in public ( 🎉

Recently added feature: Support for recurring schedules that end the next day.

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Schedule Tool lets you create and send a schedule request. When a client responds, you get an email with the available dates.

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Travel Bucket List app update:

- Authentication
- Adding travel bucket list items and categories
- Stripe integration

This week I'll be adding more travel suggestions, improve the design, and polish the code.

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Doing the "12 Startups in 12 Months" challenge. Let's see how this plays out :D

The first app will be a Travel Bucket List.

Do you use a travel bucket list? What is the coolest destination on your list? #buildinpublic #startup