It's taken longer than I anticipated due to getting banned once (for no reason) and changing direction twice, but @Chyrpio's Twitter bot is nearing completion!

There are so many TODOs littered around @chyrpio's code at the moment.

That's alright though, they aren't vital to the MVPs functionality... I'll get to them later.

For now, I need to focus on getting that first version out and building momentum.

Another @chyrpio newsletter coming this Wednesday.

I like to put out as much value as possible. So in each email, I write about a problem I've faced in making Chyrp and how I overcame/am tackling it.

Check it out at if you are interested!

Familiar > Simple > Specialised

This is how I choose my tech stack.

Sure tech A might be perfect for this specific app, but tech B is more simple... Tech B is simple, but I'm super comfortable with Tech C and could whip the app up in no time.

Tech C it is.

I decided to go with the standard REST API instead of streams for v1 of @chyrpio's Twitter bot - simpler, quicker to build.

I started building it today and it's well on its way thanks to that.

I can always upgrade later if needed.

New update newsletter tomorrow!

I'll be going over the structure of @Chyrpio's backend, which I've made some good progress on!

Watch your inboxes! (and signup at if you haven't yet!)

Getting involved with Indie builder and build in public Twitter was a turning point in my building career.

I've got to know a bunch of kind, intelligent, hard working people that are helping me along in my journey.

Start putting yourself out there.

@chyrpio's Tech stack:


What's yours?

Almost done with the core backend of @chyrpio, then I need to code up the Twitter bot.

There was a slight holdback in that I got banned from the Twitter API before I even used it, but that's sorted now!

This time I'm really trying with marketing...

Here's what I'm doing for content generation:

💡 Think of 5 categories in my area
💡 Think of 5 themes in each category
💡 Think of 5 topics in each theme
💡 Think of 5 tweets/posts for each topic

Boom 625 posts.

Chyrp's "Customers" page!

Pretty happy with how this is now, time to move on to the next step.

Today I made some good progress designing the "Customers" page inside of Chyrp.

Some useful features planned to help keep your customers happy and your image healthy :)

All of Chyrp's designs start this way—a very rough wireframe.

The aim is balance and to have the important parts stand out.

I'll be writing more about how I'm designing Chyrp in my fortnightly update email :)

All of's designs start this way—a very rough wireframe.

The aim is balance and to have the important parts stand out.

I'm writing more about how I'm designing Chyrp in my fortnightly update email. Join the list at

#BuildInPublic has been a big part of why I'm able to build products, fail and build again all by myself.

The secret is I'm not by myself, I have hundreds of cofounders helping me along the way.
Back on the tracks.

Defining a morning routine, and then putting it somewhere I can see, both physically and virtually really helps with my productivity.

The productive time blocks are where I build :)

Now, back to work on

Man, things got busy and I kind of dropped off here and work on my SaaS idea slowed.

I’m getting back on it as of today!

First step, construct a morning routine.

Second step, follow it.

#BuildInPublic crowd - stay tuned :)
I need to sit down and plan what needs to get done this week. It's time to push harder on Chyrp.

Great feedback, lots to do :)

I like to plan three big tasks per week and one kaizen point.

The kaizen point is a small change that will improve my daily life.

OK, help needed! 🙏

V1 of Chyrp's home page is up. It's just the copy/layout and doesn't do anything yet.

Please, tear it apart. Make me wish I didn't post this 😂

(It's also good to know the good points so that I don't change them)

I've been working slowly on this, mostly because I'm awful at it, but thanks to everyone's help on here, the first version of Chyrp's landing page is almost done.

Stay tuned!