I have the first prototype for outpainting/inpainting editor for Still, a lot of work to do.

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It's fun to see the traffic from sources I did not post to myself.

While I was working on getimg. @blogaudio_ nearly reached $100 MRR.

Added simple authentication to Need to start working on payments, as I can't sustain 3000 image generations per hour much longer.

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Just added a random prompt generator, as some people requested it.

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Finished first prototype of

I will try to add outpainting UI next week

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Have an unused domain, gonna build Stable Diffusion UI as a fun experiment

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Curious how high this numbers can go, after getting to Hot at /r/webdev

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Will try to validate the idea of text to image API by launching simple website today

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Running Stable Diffusion for web project is hard and expensive. Going to build SaaS text to image API.

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Just sent an email update about new BlogAudio release to 571 users. A few days, but wanted to make sure that everything works. Curious how it converts.

BlogAudio got 162 new signups this year without any marketing.

Can't wait to see the results with active marketing. Going to start by improving SEO for free long term growth

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New updated version of @blogaudio_ is live with:
- new high quality voices
- updated pricing
- redesigned interface
- improved onboarding

Time to do some marketing and add new features

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migrating data from @MongoDB to @PostgreSQL for the new version of @blogaudio_

relaunching and focusing on marketing soon

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Learned @github Actions today

Lowered our infrastructure cost ~2x by ditching PaaS and creating own workflow that builds and deploys containers to Google Cloud Compute instances